The installation of Comcast cable box to your TV needs connecting only a few wires to enable a clear cable programming, and it takes only a few moments. It is advised that you must call an expert to connect a Comcast cable box in order to make sure that there is no signal problem at your home and everything works just properly.

In some cases, though, you may require installing the box on your own. For instance, changing the location of your TV, changing rooms or you are not able use the same jack.

Few easy steps to Install the Cable Box with Coaxial Cord:

Step 1. Finding the Cord

Put your cable box near the TV set. Find the cord, which is coming out of the room’s wall.

Step 2. Placing the Cable

Tighten that cable at the back of the cable box. The inlet is labeled as “RF In.” You must screw the cable nicely.

Step 3. Connecting the Cable Properly

Connect a cable from the “RF Out” port to the “Cable In” port, which is present at the back of the TV. Connect the cable tightly to make sure the reception is proper.

Step 4. Turn on Television

Switch on the television and put it on channel number 3. This is the channel that the cable broadcasts from.

Step 5. Plug-in the Cable

Plug in the power cable to an electrical outlet. Just make sure that you plug in the power only after setting up all the cables properly.

Step 6. Batteries Should Be Charged

Also, make sure that there are charged batteries in your cable remote. The remote requires two “AA” batteries. Now, press “Cable” and then, press “Power” on your cable remote to turn on the cable box.

Step 7. Following Instructions

Follow the instructions that are enclosed with the remote to program your remote to run the TV. This will eliminate the requirement of two remotes while watching the television.

Now, we will talk about the installation of the A/V wires, you need to follow these below-mentioned five steps to do the same.

5 Easy Steps for the Installation of A/V Wires

Step 1. Connecting Comcast Cable Box

To connect your Comcast cable box, you need to plug in the A/V wires to the cable box. Color code the A/V cables with their appropriate color at the back of your cable box. The yellow colored cable needs to be matched with the yellow terminal of the box. Likewise, the red one should match with the red terminal of the box.

Step 2. Connecting right Cables

Connect the A/V cables to the back of your TV. Match the colors of the wires with the color of the terminals at the back of your television.

Step 3. Plugging in the Cable

Plug in the cable box to any electrical outlet. You need to plug in the power when the installation of all the video or audio cables is finished.

Step 4. Use the TV Remote

Push the input button on the TV remote to get “Input 1.” The screen may show “line 1” up on pressing the input button.

Step 5. Turning on Cable Box

Turn on the cable box using the remote by pressing the “Cable” button and then, press the “Power” button. Let your cable box run during the set up in order to initiate the programming.

However, you can encounter different Comcast cable issues. So, to resolve all such problems you may the professionally skilled and certified Comcast technician to help you in getting rid of all sorts of Comcast related issues. You Just need to call the Comcast customer service to get a help regarding your Comcast issues.

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