Today, we have the opportunity to experience many different things. There is no need to go to certain places anymore because they already have their own online counterparts. Gambling is on this list due to the fact that it is available in many different forms.

When most people hear the word gambling, they automatically associate it with casino websites and sports betting shops. These things are present in several parts of the world, but they are not as common as before. That’s because most people are interested in online gambling.

But how did online gambling become as big as it is today? There are many reasons why this happened, so let’s dive into some of the most interesting information.

The rise of iGaming

It all started around 25 years ago because this was when people had access to some of the first sites that offered such things. The internet was nowhere near as good as it is today, which means the websites themselves were not that impressive.

Some of them were hard to use and did not offer that many options, but one thing was certain – they allowed people to access something from the comfort of their homes.

Speaking of gambling, most of these sites only had slots and other casino games. Sports betting has always been more popular among land-based bettors, so most online sportsbooks became available later.

The legal changes

One of the main obstacles ahead of the early online sites for iGamings were the legal difficulties. For these sites to operate, they need to have permission from a gambling institution. The latter is usually known as a gambling commission, and each country has one.

It goes without saying, but most governments did not allow any form of online gambling when it first became available. In fact, there were strict laws against it, and website owners had to pay a lot of money to register their companies in jurisdictions where the laws weren’t so strict.

The good news for bettors is that the laws changed drastically. Governments suddenly realized they could earn a lot of money from these sites if they imposed high taxes. Despite the fact that these sites should pay money, it seems like they win tons of money because they are willing to pay the price.

Speaking of legal changes, some governments decided they could capitalize on that. For example, Malta and Curacao are two places where gambling websites go when they want to get a permit to operate internationally. These licenses do not cost a lot of money, and the sites can use them to offer their services in many parts of the world.

Today’s online gambling world

After the legal changes and the fact that some governments started giving operators licenses and operate in their jurisdictions, tons of iGaming websites started offering their services. This allowed players to choose the most appropriate site.

Choosing a bookmaker or a casino is often more complicated than it seems. As a result, clients often need to rely on professionals for help because some platforms, like, provide assistance in the form of reviews and analyses of the top-tier iGaming platforms. In other words, people can learn more about these brands and decide which ones they want to trust and use.

The majority of the websites today are much better than those from many years ago. In fact, a lot of them also have similar services. For example, there are instances where people can find sports betting services, casino games, poker, virtual sports, esports, keno, original titles, and many more.

Certain platforms only focus on one or two things because they want better products. Others prefer to include as many alternatives as possible because this allows them to accumulate more clients.

The secrets that allow iGaming sites to be more popular than land-based gambling

There are many different reasons why gambling websites are more popular than land-based companies. We won’t even start talking about the fact that these sites are more convenient to use because this has a big role. With that said, other things make these places more desirable, such as the bonuses.

Land-based gambling operators and sports betting shops also started offering different promotions and tournaments to their clients.

However, these things are not even close to the propositions that people can find while using an iGaming site. The latter have welcome offers, no deposit bonuses, VIP clubs, Acca perks, and tons of other things.

The features are another group of “secrets” that online businesses offer, none of which are available to land-based operators. People using an online casino can play live casino games or wager on live matches. They can also watch these games in real-time, control their bets using Cash Out, and place special bets thanks to the Bet Builder feature.

We can go on and on about the features because every site is different, but the reality is that they are not available on any land-based operators.


The future of brick-and-mortar casinos and sports betting shops is uncertain. A lot of people will keep using them because they like the fact that they can go to a specific place and enjoy their hobby. However, when you compare these businesses to their online counterparts, you can see they’re not that good.

The world of iGaming sites will continue to grow, especially after the legal changes from several years ago. Some of the biggest markets in the world, such as the USA, welcome new casinos and bookmakers daily. Therefore, more and more people will use these sites.

With that said, we also can’t deny that the number of people who like land-based betting is still fairly high. This means that we expect both forms of gambling to keep growing in popularity. 

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