Are you old enough to remember the days when a software package was selected to decide between WordPerfect and Wordstar for word processing, or between Excel and Lotus 1-2-3 for spreadsheets? If so, you will be surprised by the huge number of today’s software applications that you can imagine for virtually any application.

    Need of a Software Comparison Platform

    The volume of choices means that it is probable that a “perfect” application is available for every small business. But it also means that you will probably have to dig a bunch to find it. Important features not only include functionality but also ease of use, access, support quality, scalability, OS compatibility, options to integrate with other applications and, of course, price. Although, it would take a lot of time and effort to compile a data set which can enable you to compare all applications that meet a particular business need.

    Software review and comparison sites are of great use here. These sites are for grouping software into categories for businesses which you can browse or search to identify the best software for your business needs. Almost all software applications are available and some are more useful and impartial than others. The ultimate purpose of these websites, while it is to be helpful, is to provide vital information. Before taking the information and advice on a web site to heart, be assured you know if you really get independent reviews and evaluations or if you are just checking an advertisement directory.

    Things to look in a Software Comparison Platform

    It is also important to bear in mind that not all of them contain unique information or unique information when we use software review sites. This is especially true in the case of software customer reviews. Please browse several review sites for even a short time, and you will notice immediately the same comments from the same people about the same software. The websites know that people like software evaluations first-hand, but so many people are prepared to offer it.

    The standard material supplied by the software companies themselves, including specifications, screenshots and product descriptions, are other common information sources available on software review websites. Take that together with the combined reviews and you will understand why so many websites for software review look feel and offer little unique insight.

    The best of these sites add their own distinctive twist to review with various methods such as expert reviews, purchasing guides to survey the industry and highlight key features you should look for. Customers only on these Websites find a new trend in search, questionnaires on decision-making tools, a unique comparison chart format or a proprietary grade algorithm.

    Appvizer, an amazing Software comparison platform

    The appvizer, a leading technology research and consultancy company, brings users ‘ reviews and comparisons to help small and medium-sized companies to select software that best meets their needs.

    Appvizer has created a “business app discovery platform,” focusing on profiling established business applications that target an audience of small and medium-sized enterprises and corporate buyers in corporate departments. You can adjust your search based on your particular industry and business size within each general category listing. The list will then be updated, based on that selection, and a ranking of options, to identify the best match. You can also filter the list by the function, the price model, user reviews and even other applications.

    For each category, you also have access to the Buyer’s Guide, a Chart for owners, a quarterly update, an article library for each category, and a unique and helpful review section which provides not only access for user review stories, but also a bar chart ranking that track the feedback from users.

    The incredibly comprehensive Product Detailed Pages help Appvizer to stand out. In addition to the basic product information and pricing, each detailed page contains a review section at the very top, an essential feature section, Screenshots, List of all relevant categories, Section on alternative software solutions, an overview of the type of business the application suits best and FAQs.

    Dropdown Menu options are very useful for a list of alternatives to the application you are viewing and a comparison engine which allows you to easily add alternative prices and feature comparisons side-by-side.

    Finally, the App Finder is another helpful feature. Enter your company type, country, pricing model, software type and devices you need, and the “best match,” for your criteria and other options, the results of how well they meet your needs will be displayed to you.

    Thus, we have seen that websites like Appvizer has proved to be very useful for users in finding the best software based on their specific requirements.

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