Aiming is not the easiest thing in CS: GO when you’re just starting out. Before you use, knowing how aiming works can be useful because you’ll also know what to look for in other players and know what chances they have of winning the match.

One of the biggest challenges CS: GO players are dealing with, especially at first, is the aim. Although it may be just a game, the weapons and pretty much everything surrounding them work like in real life, which is what makes it so fun. As such, proper aim is just as important as it would be in a real situation.

It won’t take only one night to master, that’s for sure, but by spending a lot of time dedicated to learning it, you will. Here are some tips on how to improve your aim in CS: GO.

1. Learn How to Move and Shoot

A huge challenge you’ll be faced with is trying to shoot while being on the move. This could be very difficult as it will be harder to maintain your target. For this reason, it’s essential to not go too fast. You have to go slowly, and practice hitting the same target a couple of times. Once you get used to it, you can start moving faster, and so on.

You can start with a point wall only, then switch to bots on aiming maps, until you’ll be able to use your newly obtained skills in competitive games.

2. Get Proper Mouse Settings

If you want to be able to aim the right way, your mouse is an important aspect of this process. After all, it’s the one that changes the direction in the game. You need a good gaming mouse, as well as a mouse pad with a smooth surface that allows for good movement.

Also, it’s important to have the right DPI that won’t force you to do violent mouse movements to get your character to move in the right direction. Lastly, check the Windows mouse acceleration to make sure the cursor doesn’t move too fast either.

3. Place the Crosshair Properly

Crosshair placement is one important thing to consider when learning to aim. One great way to go about it is to focus on headshots because it will help you improve and also be better at beating the opponents. For this, it’s recommended to place your crosshair at the spot where the enemies’ heads are most likely to appear.

4. Learn Sidestep / Strafe Shooting

It’s important to learn how to move the right way while you’re in combat against another team, and that can be done through strafing. To do this much better, you can use a dynamic crosshair. While strafing you don’t have precise aim, you just have to tap once in the opposite direction, and your precision will come.

It might take time, but you’ll get there if you keep practicing. Hopefully, you found these tips helpful and you’ll be able to master them.

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