Independent airlines have become extremely popular over the years; especially in the private flight sector. However, larger, more established airlines continue to dominate the sector. So, how exactly can independent airlines compete with the bigger, industry leaders?

Offering a more personalised service

The one advantage smaller airlines have over their larger competitors, is the level of personalisation they are able to offer. Consumers today expect a more personalised service – they don’t just want to feel like they’re simply an anonymous number.

As independent airlines don’t have a huge number of passengers to attend to, they’re able to give each passenger on their flights a better quality, personalised service. By carrying out a little market research, smaller airlines can determine what their passengers care about most and tailor their service to meet their needs.

Ensuring they invest in top quality equipment

One of the best ways smaller airlines can compete with larger ones, is to ensure they’re offering a top-notch service. This means ensuring the equipment they use is the very best standard.

There’s a wide range of pilot and aircraft supplies available at discounted rates. However, it’s important smaller airlines take into account the quality as well as the cost. Companies such as Flightstore Pilot Supplies Ltd, sell low cost, top-quality supplies that will help independent airlines offer the very best service at the most affordable cost.

Contracting out their services

Some smaller airlines avoid competing with larger ones, instead opting to partner up and share in the profits. This is largely done by contracting out their planes to larger airlines. That way, they’re making money from their competitors, rather than losing out.

These contracted planes are typically used to fly to smaller airports that larger carriers would otherwise struggle to use safely.

Offering low cost flights

If all else fails, the one thing that’s going to help independent airlines outshine their competitors, is to offer low, affordable prices. Passengers today look for the cheapest deals, whilst also paying attention to quality. One way some airlines have found to keep costs to a minimum, is to limit the food and drink they sell on the plane. Or, they limit what passengers can take onto the flight, encouraging them to buy food and drink while they’re on-board.

Overall, thanks to technology, it’s not as difficult as you might think for independent airlines to keep up with their competitors. The tips above are just some of the ways your smaller airline can remain competitive against your biggest rivals.

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