Financial spread betting has experienced a massive rise in popularity during the recent past. It has been around in Ireland and the UK for about 40 years. In the past spread betting was mainly confined to hedge-fund whiz kids and city investors but nowadays retail investors are becoming more and more interested in this product. It has now become the trading tool of choice for private investors in the UK and has also started spreading into Europe.

The Rise in Popularity of Spread Betting

Several factors can be attributed to the rise in popularity of spread betting. Retail investors have decided that they would like to have a more active role in their investment decisions. The internet becoming so much more accessible and being widely seen as a real tool in the finance world has made a huge impact to spread betting. More recently, mobile trading has taken off and is making spread betting accessible to a very large portion of the population.

The Internet and Spread Betting

Spread betting has been opened up on a large scale due to the advance of the internet. All anybody needs these days is a reliable internet connection to be able to place bids from the comfort of their own homes. Some of the bigger companies are even offering spread betting simulations where people can practice betting skills before taking the next step to using real money. Other companies, Monecor (London) Limited, make it attractive by offering penny spreads where the minimum bet can be as small as one penny.

Spread Betting, Mobile Phones and Apps

Spread betting has become so popular that most companies now provide spread betting apps to allow people trade and also keep track of their bets on their mobile phones. There is a large number of apps available to allow trading on the move.

Which Is the Best App Available for Spread Betting?

Most spread betting accounts now offer a spread betting app. When it’s not possible to be at a computer, financial spread betting apps are quite useful for giving the user the flexibility to place bets from anywhere, whether relaxing on the sofa or on the tube. The app must work properly on the tablet or phone and these days there is ample supply to choose from. Some even work with Blackberry phones and Windows. There is also the option of using a demo account and testing out the many available apps before making a choice.