Gambling is a form of entertainment for many decades. Firstly, evidence of card games were found in the ninth century in China. Seeing that the discovery is so old, there is not so much to talk about this. However, finding out the origins of slots was not that difficult.

It All Started in America

It all started with two men from New York. They made the first gamble machine at the end of 19th century. The mechanism had 5 drums holding 50 card faces. It was like playing Poker. For that time, the machine was impressive, unfortunately, it didn’t have success. On the other hand, in the same period, a German made a new machine. This time, the device had just 3 reels and 5 faces. This slot was named Liberty Bell and was the first successful one armed bandit.

After these two episodes, in 1963, a well known American company named Bally started to produce many fruit machines. Those new gamble machines were a great way to help the company grow. Furthermore, one of the most popular slots made by them was Money Honey. It was a simple slot machine, it had 3 reels and simple fruit symbols.

The First Virtual Reel

Few years later, in 1976 the first video slot was born. Its name was Fortunate Coin and it was a huge step forward for the gambling industry. The virtual reel used a 19′ Sony TV for the display and it was first used in Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas.

Today, things are a little different. Being able to create a slot game using just a laptop, the online world is filled virtual fruit machines. Hence, there are not a few online casinos that offer free slots to chose from.


As has been noted, slot games suffered many changes in a short period of time. 100 years were enough to drastically change the design. If most slots had 3 reels in the 20th century, today’s fruit machine uses 5 reels. There are some slots that already try something new. For example, Sizzling Quattro is a slot where you spin 4 sets of reels at the same time. Another new game is Book of Ra 6, which uses 6 reels. All in all, the 5 reel slot of today will adopt a different look in the future.

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