The world of gaming is ever-evolving and the latest innovation taking the industry by storm is the handheld gaming pc. This article is designed as a comprehensive guide for beginners who are keen on understanding and potentially owning a handheld gaming pc.

Handheld Gaming PC Battery Life

Understanding Handheld Gaming PCs

Handheld gaming PCs combine the power and versatility of a personal computer with the portability of a gaming console. Unlike traditional gaming consoles, these devices run a full operating system (usually Windows), enabling users to play virtually any PC game on the go.

A typical handheld gaming PC features a built-in screen, gaming controls, and hardware powerful enough to run demanding PC games. They also come with a variety of ports, allowing you to connect them to larger displays, external controllers, and other peripherals.

Benefits of a Handheld Gaming PC

The primary benefit of owning a handheld gaming PC is the convenience and portability it offers. These devices enable gamers to play their favorite PC games anywhere, whether on a commute, at a café, or even tucked in bed.

Another significant advantage is the vast game library at their disposal. Since handheld gaming PCs run a full operating system, they can play almost any game available on platforms like Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG, and more.

Top Contenders in Handheld Gaming PCs

There’s a wide array of handheld gaming PCs available in the market, each with its unique features and specifications. Here are some of the top contenders:

Aya Neo Pro 2021

The Aya Neo Pro 2021 has gained a reputation for its impressive performance. Running on Windows 10/11, it can handle almost any game thrown at it. The device is portable, sleek, and comes with a beautiful display.

Steam Deck

The Steam Deck is one of the simplest and cheapest handheld gaming PCs available. It provides a seamless gaming experience and is an excellent choice for gamers who value affordability without compromising performance.

Ayaneo Next

If you’re looking for a device with a powerful CPU, the Ayaneo Next might be your best bet. It boasts superior processing power compared to the Steam Deck and has the capacity to handle high TDP (Thermal Design Power).


The Onexplayer offers something unique – it’s compatible with an external GPU (eGPU). This feature allows gamers to upgrade their device’s graphics performance significantly, a valuable feature for those who want to push their gaming experience to the limit.

What to Look for in a Handheld Gaming PC in 2023

When selecting a handheld gaming PC, consider the following factors:

  • Hardware Specifications. The device’s CPU, GPU, RAM, and storage capacity will significantly impact its gaming performance. Ensure that the device you choose has hardware capable of running the games you love.
  • Display. Look for a device with a high-quality display. An excellent display can greatly enhance your gaming experience. Consider factors like resolution, color accuracy, and brightness.
  • Battery Life. If you plan on gaming on the go, battery life is crucial. Look for a device that offers

Handheld Gaming PC: The Future of Gaming

When you think of gaming, you might picture a console or a powerful desktop computer. However, the handheld gaming PC is changing the game, bringing high-end gaming into the palm of your hand.

These powerful devices are compact, portable, and designed to run your favorite PC games. Think of them as a fusion of a Nintendo Switch and a gaming laptop, offering the best of both worlds.

The Evolution of Handheld Gaming PCs

Handheld gaming PCs have come a long way from the initial models. They are no longer just stripped-down versions of gaming laptops.

They are now powerful machines capable of running even the most demanding games. This evolution has been steady, with each new model bringing even more possibilities for gamers.

The evolution of handheld gaming PCs is closely tied to advancements in processing power, battery life, and display technology.

The current generation of handheld gaming PCs features full HD displays, ultra-fast SSD storage, and CPUs that rival those found in desktop PCs. Additionally, they often include features like built-in controllers and touchscreens, further enhancing their utility and appeal.

Battery technology has also greatly improved. Early handheld gaming devices struggled with short battery life, but now many models offer several hours of gaming on a single charge. Some even feature quick charging technology, allowing for rapid recharging during short breaks.

The Impact of Handheld Gaming PCs

The rise of handheld gaming PCs has had a significant impact on the gaming industry. It’s made gaming more accessible and portable, allowing gamers to enjoy high-quality games wherever they are.

These devices have also opened up a new segment in the gaming hardware market, sparking competition among manufacturers and leading to rapid innovation and improvement.

Furthermore, the availability of handheld gaming PCs has blurred the lines between console, PC, and mobile gaming. Now, games once only available on a high-end gaming PC or console can be enjoyed on a handheld device.

This increased accessibility has expanded the potential audience for many games, benefiting both gamers and developers.

Future Prospects

The future looks bright for handheld gaming PCs. The ongoing miniaturization of powerful hardware, improvements in battery technology, and the development of more efficient cooling solutions will all contribute to the further evolution of these devices.

In addition, game streaming services like NVIDIA GeForce Now, Google Stadia, and Microsoft xCloud could play a significant role in the future of handheld gaming PCs.

These services allow games to be run on powerful servers and streamed to devices with less powerful hardware, potentially making handheld gaming PCs even more accessible and affordable.

All in all, handheld gaming PCs are shaping up to be a significant part of the gaming landscape, offering a compelling mix of performance, portability, and convenience.

Whether you’re a dedicated PC gamer looking for a portable option or a console gamer looking for more flexibility, a handheld gaming PC could be the perfect solution.


The era of handheld gaming PCs is upon us, with a range of powerful and portable devices available on the market. From the Aya Neo to the Steam Deck, these devices are providing gamers with the ability to play their favorite games wherever they want.

With improvements in technology and the potential of game streaming services, the future of handheld gaming PCs looks promising.

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or just someone who enjoys playing games casually, a handheld gaming PC could be a great addition to your gaming arsenal.

It offers the convenience of portability without sacrificing the power and performance that you’d expect from a gaming PC. So, when considering your next gaming device, don’t overlook the potential of a handheld gaming PC.

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