When Instagram was first launched on October 6, 2010, it took one day to get 25,000 users. Over the next few years, the app evolved more and more, and as people fell in love with it and its features, they created accounts and became regular users. Nowadays, Instagram is one of the 4th most popular social media apps worldwide.

As of January 2024, Instagram had 33.1 million users from the UK, once again proving that the population of the British Isles loves this app. Naturally, most people want to see their Instagram accounts grow, and this is not impossible considering the platform’s power both for individuals and businesses.

However, getting many followers on your Instagram account is difficult – especially if your Instagram profile is new. For this reason, many individuals decide to buy Instagram followers UK fast delivery. But is there a way to increase your followers on Instagram more effectively and inexpensively? This article is going to provide you with some useful tips for your Instagram account to reach more users.

Why Getting More Followers on Instagram is Beneficial for Businesses

Why Getting More Followers on Instagram is Beneficial for Businesses

The development of social media in recent years is no secret. Most people own a social media account on at least one platform, and businesses quickly saw the opportunity and started to join these sites and change their marketing strategies to draw more potential followers.

Instagram is one of these platforms, and today, it offers many opportunities for brands to advertise their products and services, from Instagram reels to ads and more. After all, getting popular nowadays is a strategic necessity for companies – especially those hoping to attract people of all ages.

Having more Instagram followers increases your brand exposure, improves reach, and provides growth opportunities. It also lets you become a more influential figure in your niche, giving you more power to boost website traffic and service/product sales.

The Instagram follower count is not a pretty number you can use to brag in front of your competitors – it is actually a metric that shows your relevance and influences people’s purchase decisions. Also, the more followers you have on the app, the more likely you are to convince even more Instagram accounts to follow you and help you reach success.

Why You Should Attract UK Followers on Instagram

Not everyone who makes Instagram posts focuses on a specific geographic area for their content. After all, people who want a larger follower count prefer to get Instagram users worldwide to follow them. But if you’re a business, targeting people in your country with each Instagram post can raise brand awareness.

If your business account is based in the UK, you should pay attention to your marketing campaign and do your best to appeal to the UK market. With the British Isles population being your target audience, you have greater opportunities to promote your products or services with the right type of marketing campaign.

Here are some reasons why you should focus on getting new followers from the UK on Instagram:

  • More Relevance – By targeting the UK audience with your Instagram posts and Instagram hashtags, the algorithm will pick your content as more relevant based on people’s interests and previous interactions. Then, you can make more similar content that boosts visibility and brings you more followers.
  • Engagement Boost – Another thing you will get by targeting UK followers is more engagement. If they know you’re in the same location, people will be more likely to interact with your page and even follow you.
  • Improved Visibility – Every business page wants good visibility, and you can achieve it with careful audience targeting techniques. When you target users in your location and get more engagement, your numbers will also attract more people who will see you as trustworthy.

Why Is Organic Growth So Important?

With so many opportunities to buy more Instagram followers for your page, people often forget the importance of getting organic followers for their Instagram accounts. You automatically build more trust with potential new visitors when you have organic followers. People will see you as an authentic page and be more willing to give you a follow.

Furthermore, organic followers are more likely to like, comment and share your posts.

Should You Buy Instagram Followers?

Purchasing Instagram followers is a method many people opt for when they want to boost their accounts faster or simply reach the target number of followers. Many services offer follower packages that help you complete your follower count. However, it can also boost your visibility online and help your business grow in popularity.

But should you buy Instagram followers instead of getting them organically? Well, it depends.

You can find companies that offer likes for your Instagram profile, it’s not something you should rely on in the long term. The main goal of Instagram followers is to help you have organic growth – when people see that your Instagram audience is larger, they will trust you more. A high number of followers or interactions will signal that you are a serious and reliable brand.

But all of this is influenced by the quality of the likes you get. Unfortunately, not all Instagram followers’ services are what they appear to be. Some sell fake followers, and if you get these, you will lose trust. Your visitors can quickly and easily tell when your community is fake and will simply walk away feeling like they cannot rely on you. Besides, it may lead to platform sanctions and even loss of your account.

If you want to purchase followers solely to make it more tempting for other Instagram users to follow you, do your research and make sure they are real people and not bots.

How Can You Get More Instagram Followers in the UK?

How Can You Get More Instagram Followers in the UK

If you’re in the UK and want to attract a large audience from your country, you can try various techniques. If you’re dedicated and hard-working, you can be successful, and if you combine multiple methods, you can achieve your goal much sooner.

Here are some things you can do to boost your following:

1. Use Instagram Ads

As you may have already expected, Instagram ads are one key aspect of getting more followers on the social media platform, particularly if you want to attract a specific audience in the UK. Instagram’s advertising features let you target audiences based on demographics and interests, helping you reach the users your business needs for growth.

When choosing ads, you should run the ones that showcase your best content and make the best offer for your potential customers.

2. Use Relevant Hashtags

Let’s be honest: It’s hard to reach a large audience nowadays without the use of hashtags. In fact, hashtags are some of the most important techniques for promoting your content and are a widely used SEO technique for many brands.

Hashtags can be related to the product or service you offer. For instance, your hashtags will revolve around fashion and shopping if you sell clothing. You can also mix them with trending hashtags if they are relevant enough for your brand. Trending ones will make sure your content reaches more users.

Lastly, you can create unique hashtags specific to you and your image. These make it easier to track your content.

3. Interact with Your Followers

When followers see your posts in the Instagram feed, they sometimes like them and leave comments. Interacting with your followers in the comment section can not only make their day but also show potential customers that you value your audience.

You don’t necessarily have to respond to all comments – after all, if you get hundreds or thousands, you’d spend more time answering comments than doing business – but opting for a select few is good enough to show your appreciation. Find time to respond to some comments and establish genuine connections.

4. Update Your Bio

One mistake new companies often make is not customizing their bio accordingly. If you want to attract more UK users, then you must write a compelling Instagram bio that lets people know you’re in the same location and what you can do for them.

In other words, your bio should show a bit of your personality, describe what you do or sell, and include a relevant link and a call to action. If you don’t know how to do it, you can always take similar brands in your niche as an example.

5. Post More Instagram Stories

The Instagram stories feature is great for posting something temporary or promoting products. These stories are gone after 24 hours, so they can be ideal for quick announcements, news, and even giveaways and contests. In fact, you can even host a whole Q&A where your followers could learn more about you.

Stories give you many opportunities, and you may even post exclusive content there, such as behind-the-scene videos of your product launches or fashion shoots. They do a great job of attracting new followers and maintaining the old ones.

6. Don’t Forget to Write Compelling Captions

When you make an Instagram post, you must also consider the caption. Sure, many users focus more on the content than the caption, but there are many individuals who will simply scroll past your content if you do not write anything as a caption. Not to mention that captions can include keywords and hashtags that make your posts searchable.

7. Post Good Content

You cannot underestimate the potential of good content. Your UK audience will not want to see content done in a rush – they’ll simply ignore it and even choose to stay away from you if you don’t make an effort to post valuable videos and photos.

Focus on quality, and remember to do some key editing as well. This will increase the chances of your posts resonating with your target audience.

8. Stay Consistent

Nobody likes an Instagram page that posts once in a blue moon. Your potential followers will see you as an unserious or lazy brand if you do not post consistently. So, if you want to retain your followers, make sure to post regular content. An easy way to do that is to schedule your posts. Use a content calendar to plan and craft each piece of content in advance.

It’s also essential to find the best time to post. If you check your Instagram insights and analytics, you will be able to see when your audience is usually active and plan to post photos or videos during that time.

Final Thoughts

Getting Instagram followers in the UK is not that difficult if you follow a few key steps, like creating compelling content, posting regularly, using relevant hashtags, using captions, posting more stories, updating your bio, and launching ad campaigns. Sometimes, you can even buy Instagram followers as a way to attract more organic followers. If you do this, though, make sure you research the different agencies and purchase real followers to avoid penalties and losing your audience’s trust. 

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