After years of lagging behind China-based telecommunication companies, United States-based telecommunication companies are leading the industry, driven by sales growth and a continued push towards consolidation across the industry.

The use of telecommunications in business is no longer restricted to traditional voice calls. The latest telecommunication system offerings include video and data systems, which allow companies to integrate data, video, and voice in sophisticated communication applications that help to improve collaboration, productivity, and customer service. Mobile telecommunication options extend the reach of a business by allowing managers and staff who work from home or while they are traveling to have the same accessibility to communication facilities as those who are working from the office.

Growing telecommunication companies in the US know that offering the latest in telecommunication options means combining a wide range of functionality. For example, staff may use a smartphone linked to a network to make voice calls, send emails, join in on a video conference, visit websites, access data, and work on documents. This helps to improve efficiency and productivity, while reducing costs related to needing different types of equipment.

Growing telecommunication companies in the US also know that telecommunication solutions help employees in different departments of a company (or separate locations) work together more effectively. This can help to speed up the decision-making process and reduce the time that is needed to complete projects, which ultimately helps to improve the bottom line for the company, allowing for that “saved” time to then be redistributed to product development, marketing initiatives, and other areas that help the company to grow.

Strengthening companies’ relationships with their customers is another advantage that telecommunication companies in the US bring to the table. By utilizing call center facilities, such as call rerouting, call management, and interactive voice response features, customer service departments can make it easier and more convenient for their customers to contact them with any number of questions and concerns. The customer service center is then able to provide more efficient responses to requests, orders that are placed, or concerns that need to be addressed. This type of efficiency helps to further establish brand loyalty and ultimately increase the bottom line for the company.

Yet another benefit of services and features offered by growing telecommunication companies in the US is cost savings. Employees no longer have to travel to meetings or visit the office in order to complete every call or task. Company toll free numbers or local numbers that are rerouted to mobile or landline numbers of choice is a low-cost way to be accessible to all business-related contacts, while offering those contacts a no-cost-to-them way to access your company.

United World Telecom is one of the top telecommunication companies in the US. With decades of experience, specifically focused on telecommunication options for both business and personal use, United World Telecom offers a plethora of service options and features to cater to any and all telecom needs.

Features offered by United World Telecom include:

  • Call forwarding
  • Voicemail customization
  • The ability to reroute calls to various extensions
  • Ringtone options to distinguish one type of call from another
  • Easy setup
  • Rollover minutes
  • Call recording
  • Simple online account management

For the business owner that is looking to expand globally or the international traveler that is looking to stay in touch with family and friends while globetrotting, growing telecommunication companies in the US have many relatively low-cost options available for you. There is no need to subject oneself to the often-exorbitant costs related to long-distance calling or traveling in order to have meetings, finalize important business decisions, or simply stay in touch with loved ones. Growing telecommunication companies in the US have simple and low-cost solutions for all international calling needs.

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