Gogoanime is a completely free anime streaming service from the Philippines.

It offers a wide variety of shows in different genres, such as romance, comedy, action, drama, and more. Not only does it have an expansive library, but it also stays up-to-date with updates for new episodes being added regularly.

What makes GOGOAnime really attractive to viewers is its high-quality streaming experience, making it a top pick for many anime fans around the world.

Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned, and sometimes GOGOAnime can be down or unavailable due to various technical Reasons – such as server problems or maintenance checks, etc.


28 Amazing Alternatives To Gogoanime For Free Anime Online!

1. Anilinkz


AniLinkz is a great alternative for Gogoanime providing free streaming of manga, anime and doujinshi (indie comics). It has a very user-friendly interface with options to search by genre or content type. The quality of the videos is excellent, making them one of the top choices among viewers worldwide.

Furthermore, AniLinkz also provides links to official sites where users can download the content they are interested in.

2. Kiss anime


One of the most popular alternatives to Gogoanime is KissAnime which is known for its comprehensive library with thousands of Anime titles and episodes available for streaming or downloading.

The website also contains manga as well, although sections featuring English translations may be a bit limited compared to other websites out there. Nevertheless, this doesn’t take anything away from the quality of the content that is offered.

3. Aniwatcher


AniWatcher, although relatively new compared to other anime streaming sites, has seen a great deal of growth in its viewership over the years due to providing high-quality videos with no additional registration or sign-up requirements.

In addition, users can also submit requests for titles they’d like to watch and organize competitions between fan groups when available content isn’t enough—making it an ideal choice for hardcore Anime Fans.

4. Watchcartoononline


Next up on the list is Watchcartoononline which, as the name implies, focuses on cartoons and anime movies in their library. Unlike a lot of websites out there, this features both subbed and dubbed versions of popular titles, along with plenty of other genres to choose from.

Furthermore, users also have access to a vast collection of comics available for reading either on the web or downloaded via appropriate apps.

5. 9anime


9Anime is deservedly gaining popularity among viewers due to having a large collection of anime projects accessible in high-quality resolution and featuring HD video playback capabilities.

As with some of the earlier entries, registration isn’t required; however, doing so gives users access to several additional benefits, including access to special discounts, which can be extremely beneficial for loyal fans who wish to buy merchandise or collector’s editions of their favorite titles.

6. Animelab


For those who prefer the more traditional viewing experience, then AnimeLab is definitely worth a look with its ability to support legacy hardware such as older Smart TVs and compatible media players like AppleTV and Xbox360, along with any device able to stream from the internet (including gaming consoles).

The website also has an easy-to-navigate interface making it extremely user-friendly for any kind of user.

7. Chiaanime


Noteworthy in this list is ChiaAnime, which first and foremost stands out due to its extensive library featuring Japanese Retro Anime, Live Action films (drama) as well as the latest shows both in subbed and dubbed versions—making it hard not to find something interesting here especially considering their collection also contains some hidden gems that are difficult to find elsewhere.

8. Anime Kisa


Anime kisa is technically a part of KissAnime’s library, but that doesn’t take away from its efficacy as an animation streaming service with its expansive collection continually updated to stay ahead in the competition—providing viewers with access to new shows and old favorites alike.

They also provide detailed synopses along with choosing your own adventure, like games or attempting something outside the realm of other alternatives.

9. Soulanime


Soulanime is the go-to website for those who love their Anime raw and uncensored—they provide a completely ad-free service allowing viewers to focus entirely on their viewing experience without any distractions.

They are also committed to ethical practices, ensuring that all content featured can be found from legal sources before being placed under their library.

10. Animeland


There’s plenty to love about Animeland with its pretty basic interface that spends more time on providing content instead of blurring the experience with useless additions.

Not only are all available shows and movies subbed, but they also feature video versions which can be easier for viewers who lack access to higher-level gaming hardware or if one simply just doesn’t have any interest in playing games.

11. Kisscartoon


KissCartoon has been around for quite some time, and if we’re speaking objectively, then it’s pretty safe to say that this is still one of the most impressive video streaming services ever created.

They not only feature a massive library of both cartoon-style anime as well as more traditional episodes but also offer great user support with forums, reviews, and plenty more features designed in order to ensure maximum entertainment experience.

12. Justdubs


For those who prefer watching their anime in English, then Just dubs is definitely worth a look, as it specializes in providing high-quality downloads for both movies and series.

With over eight thousand titles available, this is definitely one of the most comprehensive services out there, giving viewers instant access to any show they’re interested in, whether it’s new or old classics.

13. Narutoget


NarutoGet, just like ours, provides free streaming sections dedicated strictly to the best in anime; they focus purely on Gintama and Naruto series episodes making sure fans never run out of their favorite shows to watch.

They also have an exclusive catalog page so viewers can quickly access their most frequently accessed titles without having to worry about any hindrances with streaming options such as buffering or slowdowns.

14. Animeultima


AnimeUltima stands out due to its increasingly popular mobile app—which features all of its content along with a built-in parental control feature ideal for young viewers.

They also allow guest access so even those without an account can benefit from their expansive library and if that isn’t enough, customers can select different video players depending on their quality requirements, making the watching experience truly unique.

15. Animehaven


Anime Haven is definitely another top choice offering not only a great variety in streaming, but they have one main goal in mind—keep it simple, and that rings true with their easy-to-navigate interface.

The process of finding what you’re looking for is quick here as all options are tagged accordingly, making searching much easier (even more so if staff members don’t control the catalog).

16. Animetoon


AnimeToon stands out due to its fabulous selection of English dubbed anime titles as well as its one-of-a-kind online gaming experience with popular titles cloned in a web browser format.

They also, of course, feature conventional streaming experiences as well; however, they no longer provide manga, so if that’s important to you, then this might not be the ideal destination for your viewing needs.

17. Animixplay


AnimixPlay focuses exclusively on adult entertainment, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate risqué themes but don’t want to go to extremes when searching for them.

They offer numerous genres with a mix of both subbed and dubbed episodes, as well as allowing Internet access from various devices, so you can prepare yourself for some quality in-depth action regardless of where you watch it from.

18. Masterani


Masterani is another early player on this list, which summarizes what an ideal anime streaming service should be like—they provide great content accessible in HD resolutions and allow viewer access to the content without requiring them to submit any personal information.

On top of that, they have probably one of the most convenient menus out there, displaying all available titles in single windows, which can be sorted by genre, rating, or whatever criteria one might prefer.

19. Cartooncrazy


CartoonCrazy stands apart due to its display format—instead of simply showing what’s new and what’s on their library like other services here, they focus on providing an “animated block” experience where popular and old titles from various genres are looped simultaneously.

This way, viewers can easily find specials in addition to the conventional seasons most streaming services will offer.

20. Anime owl


AnimeOwl offers a great selection of both subbed and dubbed series as well as movies, with some novels are also available for download if interested—allowing fanatics to view any kind of project they might be after.

Additionally, all content is provided with no buffering time or additional registration required—ensuring viewers the best streaming experiences without any hindrances to their entertainment.

21. Funimation


Funimation stands out due to being one of the very few services that provide both sub and dub versions for series in its library, which mainly consists (oddly enough) of older anime projects along with much newer ones.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of this source is, without a doubt, its bonus features, offering viewers an extensive library filled with completely exclusive content available for download or streaming.

22. Animeplanet

anime planet

Anime Planet definitely has another unique experience to it since its main emphasis is on community and collaboration between fans

With options allowing users to create their own profiles as well as manage recommendations in order to discover new projects, they might be interested in, making sure one never skips something good due to not knowing about it.

23. 4anime


4Anime is a minimalistic website featuring the most popular titles as well as hidden gems for visitors to discover and enjoy, allowing viewers to search specifically by genre or keyword, avoiding any unnecessary distractions—making this service also ideal for those who don’t necessarily have that much time on their hands but still want some quality content when available.

Sites Like 4Anime

24. Kissanime


Rounding out the final entry is none other than KissAnime—if it was ever in doubt that this service doesn’t deserve its hype, then one simply needs to visit their library, which features an extensive collection of projects viewers can enjoy both subbed and dubbed, with HD resolution video playback as optimal settings making sure viewers never miss any detail while watching their favorite shows.

25. Myvidster


Myvidster is an online streaming platform where you can discover and watch videos uploaded by users around the world.

You can browse through various categories like entertainment, music, sports, and news to find your preferred videos. With Myvidster, you can also create and share your video playlists with others.

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26. Aniwatch


Aniwatch is an exciting anime website that caters to eighth-grade students who love animated shows and movies. Anime, originating from Japan, offers unique storytelling and captivating visuals.

On Aniwatch, students can explore a wide range of anime genres such as action, romance, comedy, and adventure. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to search and discover their favorite anime series.

Aniwatch provides an immersive platform where students can dive into thrilling narratives, connect with diverse characters, and explore imaginative worlds.

With its ever-growing collection and regular updates, Aniwatch offers a delightful anime experience for eighth-grade students to enjoy their favorite shows and embark on exciting anime adventures.

27. Animefrenzy


If you’re a fan of anime, Animefrenzy is a fantastic anime site to explore. It offers a wide range of anime shows and movies that cater to different interests and genres.

Whether you enjoy thrilling action, heartwarming stories, or hilarious comedies, Animefrenzy has something for everyone. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily navigate through the site and discover new and exciting anime titles.

So, grab your friends, get cozy, and embark on incredible adventures in the vibrant world of anime with Animefrenzy.

28. WCOForever


Discover the enchanting world of anime with WCOForever, an exciting anime streaming site. Get ready to explore a vast collection of animated series that will ignite your imagination.

From epic battles to heartwarming friendships, WCOForever offers a diverse range of anime genres to satisfy your cravings for adventure and emotion.

Immerse yourself in stunning animation and captivating storytelling as you follow the thrilling journeys of beloved characters. With WCOForever, you can experience the magic of anime right at your fingertips. So, grab your popcorn and get ready for an anime-filled extravaganza.

What is Gogoanime?

GogoAnime is an online streaming platform offering a wide variety of anime series and movies. It has a large library full of popular as well as old titles in both subbed and dubbed versions, allowing viewers from around the world to enjoy their favorite shows any time they want.

Gogoanime Not Working? Explained:

It’s normal for Goggoanime to occasionally experience server issues or maintenance checks that require a temporary shutdown. This only lasts for most hours (depending on the severity of the issue) and then resumes normal operations after the problem has been solved.

Other times viewers may, unfortunately, experience streaming difficulties due to its geographical restriction, which can be inconveniencing considering how many anime fans are spread across various regions of the world.


Q. What is GOGOAnime?

GOGOAnime is an online streaming service from the Philippines that offers a variety of anime shows and movies in subbed and dubbed versions with no registration or subscription required for viewers.

Q. Is there any charge to watch content on GOGOAnime?

No, all content provided by this website is free to view without having to pay any fees.

Q. What kind of content is available on GOGOAnime?

They feature an expansive library with different genres including romance, comedy, action, and drama just to name a few—allowing viewers to find something that fits their tastes regardless of what those might be.

Q. Are there any legal concerns associated with watching anime from GOGOAnime?

No, all shows are completely legitimate as they’re sourced from official sources such as other streaming websites or purchased from the rights holders themselves.

Q. Are all anime series and movies included in GOGOAnime?

Unfortunately, no, some rare titles are not available on this platform as it mostly focuses on popular ones that have larger fan bases—so if viewers require something specific, then better chances of finding them will be elsewhere.

Q. Is there any way to access GOGOAnime outside the Philippines?

Yes, you can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service in order to view content from this website regardless of geographic location restrictions that might be imposed on it by ISPs or government bodies.

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