Are you a video editor in the making? Are you a looking for software to experiment with your video editing skills? Are you looking for software that would give you the freedom to showcase your work? Well, the wait has ended, Filmora 9 has arrived and is by far the best video editing software that is recommended for beginners that would want to edit their videos and uploaded on websites such YouTube and several others.

Why Filmora?

As technology has advanced, the ease of using the internet has triggered several changes. The amount of content and videos uploaded over the internet has seen a sharp rise. There is a sea of websites where video content is uploaded. However, YouTube is the one website on which video content is viewed the most, it is estimated that in 2017 4 million hours of content has been uploaded onto the website for the users to view every single day. It has become a source where one can showcase their work to a large number of viewers in a short span of time. Therefore, in order to post videos over on YouTube, you require video editing software that can allow you to apply various filters, trimming, effects in order to attract your audience. Filmora 9, video editing software tops the list.

Why Wondershare Filmora 9 is the Best Option?

Filmora 9 has been recommended to be the best video editing software for beginners as well as semi-pros to edit and put up videos on YouTube. Furthermore, Filmora 9s cutting-edge features which include audio control, filters, various effects, transitions allows amateur editors to experiment and give his video a professional look before uploading onto YouTube even if you are new to the world of editing. Filmora 9 gives its users the control to narrate their own stories, their way!

Becoming a video editor is not as simple; it takes years to master the craft. However, Filmora 9 makes it a walk in the park for its users. Besides providing its users with basic editing functions of adding more videos, trimming, it provides rich features and puts the user in the drivers’ seat. It’s much richer features include its compatibility with diverse file formats such as MP4, MKV, MOV and so on. Apart from being compatible, it provides professional features such as green screen; tilt-shift/ slow motion features, color correction and many more. It allows users to pick sound effect and music from an array of choices to use in their video cuts. There are over 100 visual effects with advanced speed controls that you can apply on your videos and so much more.

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