The Sales And Marketing Strategy You Need To Know

A new franchise business opens every 8 minutes of every business day. Needless to say, the franchise industry is booming. Restaurant franchises are among the top franchise business industries, with fast food taking the top spot. If you’ve dreamed about opening a restaurant of your own, but aren’t sure if you have what it takes, try franchising.

But with so many new businesses starting, how can franchise owners stand out from the competition?

It’s all in the marketing. Attracting new customers and retaining old ones is crucial for any successful business — franchise or not. The best way to do that is through a compelling marketing message. Marketing strategies change rapidly, especially in the world of digital marketing. Take a look at these current market conditions to start making a plan of your own.

Maintain a consistent brand

Having a cohesive brand is one of the most, if not the most, important thing for franchise businesses. Because a franchise business includes a network of several independent owners under the same umbrella brand, it can be easy to fall into a disjointed brand identity overall. However, franchisors want their customers to experience the same or similar brand from location to location, no matter where they are. Your brand includes everything from the look and feel of your brand to the way a customer experiences your brand through in-person interactions and digital moments like customer service or social media.

Lean into event marketing

In a digital-first era, event marketing has become the antidote to saturated social feeds and overcrowded inboxes. People crave connection, and one way to deliver on that desire is by hosting events for the local community. The exclusivity of an event creates buzz and will spread the word of your business to local customers and beyond. Consumers these days are experience-oriented, so providing them with ways to interact with your brand in person will play a key role in your marketing strategy for 2019.

Get social

Social media has been a crucial tool for businesses for several years now — so much so that it’s not so much of a question of whether to have a social media presence, but what your unique strategy will be. Social media is an opportunity for small and medium-sized companies to own their brand online and communicate with customers. These are both invaluable for franchise businesses. Having a presence will not only lead to brand discovery, but also that’s where your most loyal customers are. Communicating to them through social media will keep them coming back.

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