Use of door hangers is one of the most ingenious ways of advertising. Think about it, where there is a door there is an opportunity for you to advertise your product or service. However, this doesn’t mean you should randomly place your door hangers on any door. Instead, you should target them based on the audience you want to reach. If targeting college students for instance, then printing door hanger that you can place on hostels or student apartments makes more sense. Door hangers are most effective for local businesses wanting to reach their local community with their products and services. They’re also effective tools for unique activities and people have used them for evangelism or to create class “room” service menus for teacher appreciation week. With the 4OVER4 design tool it’s much easier to design amazing door hangers that are not only beautiful to look at but serve the purpose for which they’re intended for. 


When designing your personalized door hanger, make sure your headlines are big, bold, simple and straight to the point. Take into consideration the font size of the various hierarchy levels of your headlines. The main headline should be bigger than the supporting headlines and text. When choosing text colors, most people go for their own preferences, but this is not the right approach. Think about your audience and research the different hues and their effect on people’s mood; then select the most appropriate colors to use. Also, make sure you use whitespace between different blocks to make your information easier to read.

Both sides 

Advertising on print door hangers means that you don’t have a lot of space to add information. Make use of both sides of your door hanger to print information because while customers can only see one side when passing by, the people whose door they’re on will pick them up and read both sides. To make it easier for you to add beautiful images and add all the necessary text, consider using the 4OVER4 design tool which enables you to design both sides easily.

Powerful Imagery / Bold colors 

Images are a powerful means of communication because you can say a lot with an image without adding any text. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have text on your advertising door hangers. In addition, remember that bold colors are just as important so don’t be afraid to experiment with a variety of colors. When advertising a product consider combining it with an image of a happy customer or something you created for a client. For restaurants, a picture of a tantalizing looking meal is sure to grab attention and speak to the senses of your audience. Spend time looking at several images and don’t just go for the cheapest image to save money. Fortunately, on the 4OVER4 design tool you get access to over 3 million high quality stunning free images.

Contact info 

Adding your contact information is crucial because this is going to be connected to your call-to-action. Without your contact information, no matter how well-designed your business door hangers are, they will not achieve the purpose intended. Choose the relevant contact information whether it’s your phone number, email or website.

Professional Door Hanger Printing

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