Blackjack has gained huge popularity in the casino game world today.  Although high rollers who play baccarat generate large revenue for casinos, blackjack still remains the ultimate source of revenue for casino owners.  This is because the number of customers playing the blackjack games supersedes any other games.

Often times, new gamblers begin their casino journey with blackjack because that’s what their professional friends play.

But how do beginners get started with Blackjack? According to Louise Steven, a U.K based casino analyst, “learn the basic rules and strategies, understand the rules, and always learn more”.

These tips sound great but playing blackjack game for the first time may sound really intimidating. Master the following tips to make your first blackjack game a little less frightening.

Place your buy-in on the table

Don’t hand over your money directly to the dealer before starting the game. The dealer isn’t authorized to directly accept your money by hand.

First, place your money on the table for the surveillance camera to see.

The dealer will confirm your cash and exchange it in return for the chips which you can use to play.

If you’ve got a casino loyalty card, kindly place it side by side with your money. The dealer will then input your information so you can be eligible to earn comps.

Place your chips on the right area

Look for the betting circle on the table and place your chips right inside them. If you want to play a side bet, kindly add more chips into the circle.

If at the end of the game, you want to tip the dealer, place the cash inside the circle.

Do you want to tip a bet? Simply place the card on top of the circle. If the amount you’re playing involves multiple combinations of chips, kindly place the higher denomination below the lower denomination.

For example, place the $25 chip below the $30 chip. If you don’t place the money rightly, the dealer would have the placement fixed. Conclusively, prevent any physical contact with your chips once they’re inside the circle.

Don’t hesitate to use a blackjack strategy card

There’s the option of a paper blackjack strategy card which players can use at the table.

Phones are prohibited for use during table games in casinos. A well planned basic strategy reduces the house edge of a game. With the lower edge, players can end the game (walk away) as the winner. If everything goes well, the house edge should increase the game time and up the winning chances.

There’s also the blackjack strategy card that works as proof whenever opponents question certain moves.  Louis said, “It feels good having information to back up your moves, in case you’re questioned”.

Tip, if you wish to

Tipping is not necessary but it’s a kind gesture to compensate a dealer if they’re fun and helpful. Thinking it’s compulsory to tip even when you didn’t want to, is definitely bad. A player is not entitled to tip a dealer; an individual choice can only determine that.

Understand hand signal

Always learn how to use hand signals to communicate what you want the dealer to do. The dealer is always interested in the signal you make with your hands. Else, communication may not go well.

For examples, you can gently tap the table or have your hand swerves toward yourself.

If you’re still staying just have your hands to both sides and let them know you don’t want a card.

In the single or double deck pitch game where you’re allowed to touch your cards, kindly swipe the card in your direction, and tuck the card beneath your bet. Want to split or double? Flip the card over.

Have great fun! Blackjack and other casino games speak one language- Entertainment.

Remember you’re risking your money whenever you gamble. It’s either you win or lose. Every participant, including the dealer, wants the players to win. If your opponent is a jerk or playing with them seems boring, you can move over to another table. Blackjack is fun than playing with someone you’re not enjoying it with.

Blackjack has gained huge popularity in the casino game world today and we hope it stays the same.

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