Once you start middle school, one of the aims of your teachers is to help you in deciding what you want to do in your life ahead. You may be only 13 years old at that time. But, what is stressed by your teachers is the job you are going to do in later life. 

As a result, as you proceed through high school, you may take on some specific subjects like anatomy and psychology.

And then it is time for college. Or, you may choose to skip college.

Whatever the choice you make, your career may not turn out to what you expected it to be. Time brings change to people, and it is not wrong to come to the realization, that what you thought you were inclined to do while you were in college, or during your earlier years, is not what you now want to do for the remainder of your life. 

Do not get tense if you are caught in such a conundrum. 

For a start, you can try some available career assessment tools to help you find your dream job. You can always change your career and discover something that you are passionately attached to. Moreover, you can get a lot of help from several career-oriented and personality tests that you can take.

You can take these tests even if you have not worked or found a job until now. You will be surprised at what you will find. 

1. Self-Directed Search

Life gives you many excellent options. And when you have many options while deciding a career that you would love to be in, your dreams can come true. 

You get plenty of options with the Self-Directed Search. This test does not ask you the questions and answers that are traditionally asked but asks questions that are then sorted into certain categories. Your response to questions will have you sorted into three categories. You may be categorized as social, artistic, or realistic. Each category will bring up a selection of jobs that will match the way you answered the questions. 

This is not your typical test for career and personality. This is a test that will give you options that you may not get with other tests, and is, therefore, worth trying out. 

2. Who Am I?

This is another personality test that uses a unique approach. It does not focus as much on your career as it does on your personality. This “Who am I” test will make you aware of things about yourself that even you may not know. It resembles DNA in its structure and that can be a lot of fun. 

The test works very simply. You look at a series of pictures and choose one that you feel is most related to you. This sounds elementary, but it makes for a unique strategy, that will not only teach you but also make you smile.

3. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

This is a really important test. Many companies use it across the board. This is the same test that companies use to determine the type of personality you have and to tell them how great you will be as a worker.

This test is daunting but comes up with reasonably accurate results. And the focus is not on superficial scenarios. It is a test that delves deep into the way you will act, and also your motivation for doing so. This test has many deep layers and is one that you will take at some point during your life. You can find free versions online to take the test or get your MBTI assessment with an administrator who has been certified.

4. Pymetrics

Just imagine that you have walked into an interview. As you sit down, an HR associate also enters the room. The associate indicates that you are to take a Pymetrics test. 

You may get confused, but you will be put at ease when you are told that this is a personality test that can help to determine your working habits. As you go through the test, you are given mind games that will test the skills that you have for solving problems. 

This is what the Pymetircs test is about, though this may come as a surprise to you.

What you are about to undergo are playing mind games and solving puzzles. This approach to personality and job tests is unique and is different from the usual formula of answering questions that help to indicate your character. 

5. Career Strengths Test

This career assessment test has a lot to offer because it focuses on your career skills. It does not ask boring questions regarding your work habits but instead dives deep to judge your strength in various job-related areas. You are measured on various facets, like inductive reasoning, leadership, and structural visualization. Once you have gone through the test, you will know the skills that you excel in.

Once the results are in, several jobs will pop up that take into consideration the major skills that you have excelled in. It is a test that can even surprise you by indicating skills that you never even knew that you had.

6. The Big Five Personality Test

Are you comfortable working with others? If this skill is one that has bothered you and you want to know how good you are at this, this is the right personality test for you. 

A Big Five Personality Test concentrates on the way you work and how good your communication with others is. It is a tightly focused test, and its results must be taken seriously. It will tell you whether you should be in a job that requires you to communicate with others at all times, or one in which you are a loner and need to be by yourself to complete a job. 

Whatever the result, this is a personality and career test that is just fantastic.

7. Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator 

RHETI is a test that is often confused with MBTI, but it is different and looks at your archetype. 

Once the questions are answered, you will fall into several categories. You can be classified as an achiever, an enthusiast, or a reformer.

This test will tell you how you fare while working with others. It can even show you how you can improve in areas where your scores have been low.

8. MAPP Career Assessment Test

In addition to the Myers-Briggs test, this is a test that can be next in contention for the biggest test for job and personality. 

It has a broad range of results that can range from how you prefer to complete tasks or in how you reason. It is a huge test and one that is worth taking. 

Most of the tests on this list will give you the job categories that you are likely to excel in, just as this test will do. It is a test that is well worth taking, and the results will help you to zero in on the jobs that you must apply for.

It isn’t very easy for most people to find the right career. All these tests can help you to decide on the jobs that you should be looking out for. This may require you to spend some time and money, but taking these tests can help you not only find the right career but a job that you will be happy in.

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