FastestVPN is a Cayman Island-based VPN provider that became one of the top-performing VPN in a short span of time. 

FastestVPN has come forward with a few upgrades as of late. Having caught our interest, we’ve decided to review the service in terms of its speed, features, pricing and network.  Let’s start from the pricing. 

FastestVPN’s Pricing Plan 

FastestVPN is the most affordable VPN service in the market right now. All of its counterparts are much more expensive. 

FastestVPN pricing is simple and comprises four plans in total. One plan is available for 1 month, the second plan is for 3 years, the third plan is available for one year and its fourth and seemingly the best plan is for five years. Because of its affordable pricing, the VPN service has a pretty solid advantage over the competition. 

FastestVPN’s Best Plan 

The 5 Year Plan seems to be the best bang for the buck. With the ongoing sale at the time of writing this review, you save up to 92% by paying $0.83 per month. 

Top Security Features

We have tested FastestVPN and found its security features reliable. The VPN offers 256-Bit AES encryption along with smart DNS leak protection. 

Each FastestVPN server offers private encryption with DNS leak protection assuring that all your activities and data will never leak out of the secure tunnel. 

We also specifically checked the Internet Kill Switch feature and it’s exactly how the company describes it. As soon as the connection shuts off all your internet traffic gets disconnected until the VPN restores. 

The test showed that FastestVPN takes care of your data and IP address and there’s no chance of an accidental leak. 

Other Features 

FastestVPN offers a long list of features. However, we are only supporting those features which we have tested and verified.

Unlimited Bandwidth 

FastestVPN offers unlimited bandwidth and that’s what made it a first-class choice for users who stream content. We connected FastestVPN, tested data limit and it was fine. With the FastestVPN app, you can download and share unlimited files, images and movies there is no data cap. 

Unlimited Server Switching 

FastestVPN offers unlimited server switching and to test it we tried server switching multiple times. The result was good every time, we successfully connected to a new server and streaming was also fine. 

Anonymous Torrenting 

Not all VPNs are torrent-friendly, thankfully this is not the case with FastestVPN. The VPN actually supports torrenting and gives you a chance to enjoy unlimited torrenting with good speed. 

The best part is there is no data cap so you can easily watch and share whatever you want. Moreover, we also didn’t experience any connection throttling with FastestVPN which is a good thing for sure. 

Apps, Interface And Configuration 

Recently, we have noticed that FastestVPN has revamped its user interface entirely. Previously, the interface and app configuration was not much commendable. 

The updated interface and app configuration process is super easy and deserves all your attention. FastestVPN has actually kept its users in mind and that’s what made their interface and overall setup extremely user-friendly. Besides the interface, we have also reviewed FastestVPN apps and concluded that compared to its previous apps, the updated design of apps is more user-centric and fast in navigation. 

FastestVPN has launched its new apps for Smart TV, Fire TV Stick and Android box which is a great upgrade for users around the world. It also works as a VPN for Router once you configure in the device manually. 

Best of all, platform compatibility is also admirable, it can function with nearly all the major operating systems. FastestVPN is a user-friendly Android, iOS and Linux VPN that works equally great on every other platform we have tested.

Extensions For Chrome And Firefox 

FastestVPN also supports extensions for Firefox and Chrome, enabling you to manage VPN directly from the web browsers. The browser extension requires you to install the extension from the respective stores.

The extensions offer a decent number of servers, enabling you to choose between ultiple locations and stream flawlessly. It’s not a separate product that requires an additional price. Just download the extensions and log-in with your FastestVPN credentials. For maximum security, we recommend using the app. 

24/7 Chat Support 

There might be connection issues while using a VPN. In such cases, all you want is immediate assistance. FastestVPN offers 24/7 chat support, the support team is quite knowledgeable and quick. 

You can expect quick responses regarding working servers, speed problems, and connection drops.  We tested FastestVPN chat support and it’s good in responding to users’ queries. 

Smart Connect And Smart Tunneling Support 

Smart connect and Smart tunneling features are too much to expect at such a low price. Smart Connect feature is an incredible and newly added FastestVPN feature. It allows you to quickly connect to the fastest server with a single click. FastestVPN is also offering smart tunneling feature that gives power to users in deciding what apps they want to use with and without VPN protection.

Access Disney Plus And Netflix USA 

Unlike the previous version, FastestVPN’s new upgrade has made a bigger difference. Users who love watching Netflix can trust in the service. We connected to FastestVPN’s dedicated Netflix USA server and everything went smooth. 

FastestVPN works well with both Disney+ as well.  

Server Range 

Honestly, the server range is not huge, but it should improve. Right now, FastestVPN is offering 350+ servers in 41 locations. However, as the service grows, we can expect more servers and regions in the future.

Payment Methods 

Payment methods are limited. You have the option to pay via credit card or PayPal. It does not yet support crypto currencies.


FastestVPN overall performance scores a good rank. It unblocks both Netflix and Disney+ which means it’s a recommended VPN for streaming. 

Security against IP and DNS leak was also very satisfactory plus, we haven’t noticed frequent connection drops, besides server switching. FastestVPN downloading speed was slow at some point, however, the overall experience was positive.

Final Verdict 

FastestVPN is undoubtedly a top VPN service with competitive prices. We have tested everything from features to configuration, to downloading speed and FastestVPN performed equally well in everything. FastestVPN is a great and economical VPN service for business and users around the world. 

Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.