Farsiland is an online streaming service based in Iran.

It offers users access to both live TV channels and on-demand movies, television series, documentaries, cartoons, and music videos from around the world.

With its extensive content library and low-cost plans, it’s no wonder why Farsiland remains one of the most popular online streaming services in the country.


However, with so many alternatives available now, users may find themselves spoilt for choice when it comes time to choose an online streaming service that best suits their needs and budget. To help narrow down your options, here are 9 Farsiland alternatives.

9 Farsiland Alternatives for 2024!


ParsaTV is one of the most comprehensive video-on-demand sites in Iran. It features a library of movies and television series from Iranian local networks. With ParsaTV, users can also watch live TV channels and rent or purchase films at a nominal price.

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Next on the list is Iran021 – another popular streaming platform in Iran boasting its vast collection of movies, cartoons, documentaries, and television series for viewers to choose from. On top of that, users will get access to quality programs with no advertisements.

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Kissmovies is a legal streaming platform that respects copyright laws. It only offers movies that have proper licensing agreements, so you don’t have to worry about watching pirated or illegal content. It’s always good to support the movie industry by using legal streaming services.

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Iranians who are looking for quality film content then should opt for IranProud – the largest Persian-speaking website in the world. The platform offers a huge selection of movies, television series, and documentaries covering different genres such as action, suspense thriller, comedy, and romance.

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Indulge in the groovy vibes of the 1970s. My70stv is an ultimate movie streaming site dedicated to preserving the essence of that unforgettable era. Experience a curated selection of TV shows, movies, and music that captures the cultural revolution of the disco era.

From legendary sitcoms that became a part of our collective memory to timeless movies that continue to inspire, my70stv offers a journey back in time. Immerse yourself in the fashion, the music, and the captivating stories that defined an era.

Whether you want to relive your favorite moments or explore the classics of the 70s, my70stv is your go-to destination for all things retro.

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Iranian YellowPage

IranianYellowPage is an online directory that provides users with information on businesses in Iran. It also allows them to search for specific services provided by companies based in the region. On top of that, it features its own video-on-demand library curated with exclusive movies and television series from various countries.

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Iranian LiveTV

Iranian LiveTV is an online streaming service that provides users access to live TV channels such as BBC, IRIB1, Star Plus, and Al Jazeera. Besides, users can also watch on-demand films for a nominal fee or rent them for just one day based on their choice of plan.

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If you want to explore the world of Persian films, music, and television series then Persianterest is the perfect site for you. It offers users access to exclusive movies in categories such as drama, horror, comedy, and romance. Plus it also provides a platform for sharing your photography projects with other photographers from around the globe.

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Last on the list is LiveFarsi – an online streaming service bringing users live content from regions such as Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, and Syria. It also boasts a massive library of movies, television series, and documentaries available in both HD and Ultra HD formats.

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What Is Farsiland?

Launched in 2016 by two Iranian entrepreneurs, Farsiland has grown to become one of the most popular streaming services in Iran. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive content library have seen its popularity soar over the years, becoming a go-to destination for Iranians looking for an easy way to watch TV shows, movies, or documentaries from around the world.

Farsiland Not Working? [Explained]

There are several reasons why users might experience difficulties when trying to access Farsiland’s content such as slow internet connection, outdated software, or hardware compatibility issues. If these problems persist then try restarting your computer or device and see if that helps resolve the issue.


Is Farsiland Free?

No, Farsiland is a subscription-based streaming service with various plans available for users to choose from – each plan offering access to different content libraries as well as exclusive promotions.

Does Farsiland Have Live Streaming TV?

Yes, Farsiland offers live-streaming TV channels to its users as well as on-demand movies and television series.

Can I Watch Movies On Farsiland?

Yes, Farsiland provides users access to a library of thousands of movies that can be rented or purchased at nominal prices.

How Much Does It Cost To Subscribe To Farsiland?

Currently, the subscription pricing for Farsiland differs from country to country. The plans range from as low as $2.99/month onwards, depending on the plan and subscription period chosen by the user.

Do I Need To Have A Credit Card To Subscribe?

No, users do not need a credit card when subscribing to Farsiland. Instead, they can pay conveniently with PayPal or their local payment providers such as SamanBank in Iran.

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