The Fallout 4 best companion is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. In a post-apocalyptic world riddled with mutants, nuclear fallout, and the remnants of humanity, your choice of a companion can drastically change your gameplay experience.

This guide will hold your hand through the complex, intriguing world of Fallout 4 and its companions.

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Understanding Companions in Fallout 4

In Fallout 4, companions are NPCs (Non-Player Characters) that can accompany you on your journey through the wasteland. They are a rich source of storytelling, providing unique perspectives, dialogue, and even quests.

Each companion comes with their own unique abilities, personalities, and moral compass, influencing your interactions with the world and its inhabitants.

To understand the importance of selecting the right companion, imagine this. You’re in a firefight with Super Mutants. If you have Codsworth, he might charge in with his flamethrower.

But if you have Deacon by your side, he’ll probably opt for stealth and long-range tactics. That’s the level of impact your companion choice can have.

Top Companions in Fallout 4

After combing through various sources, including Reddit forums and top-ranking articles, we’ve compiled a list of Fallout 4’s top companions.

Note that these companions are not ranked but listed based on their unique characteristics and player testimonials.

  • Nick Valentine: An old-school, synth detective plagued by an identity crisis, Nick Valentine is as compelling as they come. His dry wit and noir-inspired dialogue make him a fan favorite. Search “Fallout 4 Nick Valentine” for a visual reference.
  • Dogmeat: Man’s best friend in the harshest of times. Dogmeat is a faithful canine companion who won’t judge you based on your actions. Plus, his ability to track and fetch items can be handy. Search “Fallout 4 Dogmeat” for a visual reference.
  • Cait: A fiery, Irish-accented brawler with a troubled past, Cait can handle herself in a fight. Her personal quest offers some of the best story content in the game. Search “Fallout 4 Cait” for a visual reference.
  • Codsworth: Your loyal housekeeping robot turned flamethrower-wielding protector, Codsworth offers a touch of pre-war nostalgia amidst the chaos. Search “Fallout 4 Codsworth” for a visual reference.

Companion Overview

In this section, we delve deeper into the characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses of each highlighted companion.

  • Nick Valentine: Nick is a detective first and a synth second. With his hard-boiled detective persona, he provides an engaging narrative throughout your journey. His hacking ability comes in handy when dealing with high-level terminals. However, his synthetic nature might not sit well with some factions or characters in the game.
  • Dogmeat: The lone wanderer’s best friend, Dogmeat, is a neutral presence who doesn’t affect your relationship with other characters or factions. His ability to sniff out loot and items is a blessing. However, in terms of combat, he might not be as useful as other companions.
  • Cait: Cait is a survivor, a fighter who uses a shotgun and her fists equally well. Her lockpicking skill can be quite useful. However, her hot-headed nature might escalate situations that could be resolved peacefully.
  • Codsworth: Codsworth’s flamethrower and saw make him a formidable companion in a fight. His cheerful demeanor and devotion to the player character can be quite endearing. However, as a robot, he can’t equip armor or weapons other than his built-in ones.


Choosing the Fallout 4 best companion depends largely on your personal playstyle, your character’s moral alignment, and the type of gameplay experience you wish to have.

Whether it’s the loyal Dogmeat, the humorous Codsworth, the troubled Cait, or the noir detective Nick Valentine, each companion has a unique offering that can make your journey through the wasteland more engaging, and perhaps, a little less lonely.

Remember, the Commonwealth is a vast, dangerous place. Having a trusted companion by your side can make all the difference. So, choose wisely, and may the odds be ever in your favor in the wasteland.


Who is the strongest companion in Fallout 4?

Paladin Danse, a member of the Brotherhood of Steel, is often cited as one of the strongest companions due to his power armor and heavy weapons proficiency.

However, strength in Fallout 4 can be subjective, depending on your playstyle.

Can companions die in Fallout 4?

No, companions in Fallout 4 cannot die. They get downed when their health reaches zero and recover after a short period or after the fight ends. However, they can die in Hardcore mode.

Does Fallout 4 best companion choice affect the story?

While your choice of companion does not drastically alter the game’s main storyline, it can significantly impact your gameplay experience. Different companions react differently to your choices, opening up unique dialogues and quests.

What perks do companions provide in Fallout 4?

Each companion, when sufficiently bonded with, provides a unique perk that can aid in various aspects of the game, from combat to crafting. For instance, Nick Valentine’s “Close to Metal” perk gives you one extra guess and 50% faster terminal cooldown when hacking.

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