Introduction and Features of Ezgif

Ezgif is the go-to gif-making platform for many people who wish to create exciting gifs. It enables users to easily turn videos or images into eye-catching, moving visuals they can share with others. With its online tools offering a wide range of features and capabilities, the platform helps users create various types of gifs. From painting animations to resizing pictures or rotating them, Ezgif offers a variety of services at free or discounted prices.

Giphy Create:

Giphy Create Giphy Create is an online tool developed by Giphy that allows you to easily transform your videos into gifs. It enables you to add text, stickers, and other elements to your creations in real-time. The platform offers a variety of tools, like custom GIF length control, watermarking, and picture customization options. Furthermore, the auto-magically optimized version of Giphy’s API lets you edit content easily with no lag time or worries about having to manually adjust settings.



Gifmagic is a freely available online gif-making tool that allows users to quickly create looped animated gifs from existing pictures or videos with ease. It enables users to enter custom text, stickers, and more into their creations while keeping close attention to the page file size. The platform also provides various tools to enhance photos by adding elements like grayscale effects and making such customization adjustments that allow your gifs to stand out in social media channels.

GifMaker me is an image editor with features specifically designed for creating gifs from still images and videos. With, you can quickly generate high-quality gifs for free online with an array of helpful tools like customizable speed and resolutions. Additionally, this platform enables users to add special effects such as blurs, fades, frames, and more to their files which help make them look better on social media platforms or websites they’ll be posted on.



An excellent alternative to Ezgif is Lunapic. It is an online platform for creating and editing images with a wide range of tools different than those offered by Ezgif. Lunapic includes unique features such as animations, photo frames, borders, and more that can be used to customize your gifs in exciting ways. Plus it’s free too!



MakeAGif is another free web-based tool that allows users to create their own animated gifs out of existing images or videos. It also offers a wide selection of editing options, such as adjusting frame duration and size of GIFs, adding text labels, and changing the speed of animation to minimize file size.



AnimateGif is an easy-to-use online tool for creating Gifs from existing images with various tools which help you to customize your creations. This platform allows users to add captions, and filters, change frame sizes and even tweak colors to quickly create GIFs for social media platforms or websites.



Gifski is a lightweight platform that gives users the ability to create unique gifs from videos with various tools. This platform enables one to add stickers, text, sound effects, and other elements while simultaneously keeping an eye on the final file size of their Gifs in order not to exceed acceptable limits that can be found on most social media platforms. Furthermore, Gifski provides lossless compression capabilities which help assure users get the highest quality gifs without worrying about resolution and frame rate loss.



Giffsicle is an online platform catering to developers who need tools for editing animated GIF images with ease. This powerful program not only enables you to quickly create your own edits but also reports details such as the size in bytes of each frame thereby helping track memory consumed by animations.

Giffing Tool:

Giffing Tool

Giffing tool is an excellent alternative to Ezgif and offers users a comprehensive set of features for creating stunning GIFs right on their own computers. It also provides tools like the ability to add captions, subtitles, or subtitles loaded from external files as well as batch export that enable you to quickly process videos in bulk and generate GIFS faster than most other online alternatives can offer.



This widely accepted platform provides users with a comprehensive set of tools for creating exciting GIFs out of videos or still images. Giphy’s online platform also lets users include text, stickers, and other elements to their gifs in addition to enabling them to perform lossless compression on GIFS which helps reduce file size without compromising quality.



Gfy cat is a powerful online GIF-making platform with plenty of amazing features. It enables its users to instantly share their creations across all social media platforms and blogs, as well as providing an incredibly simple interface that can help you create beautiful GIFs fast.


Tenor GIF Maker & Keyboard

Tenor provides its users access to millions of different gifs making it easy for anyone who wants to quickly get their message out by choosing the right ones from this massive database. The platform also provides its user’s editing tools to help customize their GIFs before they share them with others, thereby assuring that their message is sent in the right way.



For those who want to get creative and make custom GIFs from scratch, Pixton’s visual animation tool is a great option. Pixton allows users to create graphics quickly without any fuss or special skills by turning pictures into fun cartoon-style animations.

What is EZGIF?

Ezgif is an online platform for quickly creating gifs from videos and images with various tools such as custom text, stickers, and other elements to enhance the visual element of GIFs. The company also offers free or discounted prices for its services based on user preference, making it a great choice for those who are looking for ways to generate content easily, but within budget.

Ezgif Not Working? Explained

Sometimes, users find difficulties with Ezgif due to various errors. Generally, this can be attributed to browser compatibility issues or incomplete installation of plug-ins. To check for these problems and troubleshooting steps, one can easily look up the official website’s help center.


Q1: Is there a limit on how long I can make my G ifs with Ezgif?

No, there isn’t a limit to the length of your GIF. However, for aesthetic reasons and in order to maintain page load speed, it is recommended to keep them short and sweet.

Q2: Can I add customized text on my Gifs made with Ezgif?

Yes, you can. You are free to add various elements, such as customizable texts, directly from the online tools provided in their platform

Q3: Is there a way I can preview my G ifs before publishing?

Yes, Ezgif allows users to easily preview their creations before publishing. You may use the “preview” feature of the editor for this purpose.

Q4: Is there any subscription fee associated with using Ezgif?

No, there is no monthly subscription fee associated with using Ezgif. As stated on the website’s Service and Use Terms page, the use of all tools on their platform is entirely free for everyone to enjoy.

Q5: Can I upload private videos to Ezgif?

Yes, when uploading files to Ezgif’s platform, users are allowed to set custom privacy settings – so they can decide who can view and share their Gifs.

Q6: Is there a way to minimize the file size of my Ezgif creations?

Yes, when creating your GIFs, you may use the “Optimize” feature, which will allow you to reduce the file size while maintaining quality. Furthermore, tools such as lossless compression are offered on some of its alternatives, like Giphy and Tenor.

Q7: Does Ezgif offer a mobile app?

No, unfortunately, not yet. However, you may use the online platform on any device with internet access to quickly generate your desired GIFs.


With its wide range of tools and services, Ezgif remains one of the most popular Gif-making platforms around. Furthermore, it accomplished this by making it easy and convenient for users to create their own Gifs. However, if you are looking for more versatility or specialized tools, there are plenty of alternatives available to help construct the perfect GIF that truly reflects your artistic vision. The 13 alternatives to Ezgif listed above will surely help you make your GIFs more exciting!

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