Travelling the world as a digital nomad is the dream of so many people around the world. There’s this inherent longing in so many of us to reach out and explore the corners of the earth, whether we’re keen to combine a love of surfing with a thriving digital business, or if we’re more interested in being able to volunteer our time abroad while still eking out a living and thriving in our lives, the fact remains that more and more of us are going remote with our work each year. We are lucky in the fact that advances in internet have made living and working around the world so much easier.

The virtual trend

One of the key developments that has made a difference to people working remotely has been the advent of things like virtual offices. A virtual office is a short, mid or long-term office space hire which is available readily and easily. Virtual offices are usually in a central office building, usually with a prestigious business address in a major business city. They come with a host of benefits like a mailing address, reception services, secretarial services for hire, equipment, fixtures, fittings and even a phone number if you need it. Find out more on virtual offices here:

Everyone can be a digital nomad

Given the flexibility of virtual office hire you can see the reason for the growing appeal within the digital nomad generation! So many people are turning to the virtual office as a way to have that professional appeal no matter where you are in the world. After all, it’s been found that one of the most important elements when it comes to how you are seen in the business world is your professionalism and your first impression.

How to nail it

When you’re just starting out as a remote worker, and travelling around is exciting and new, it’s important that you nail down a few fundamentals as to how you do business. It will depend on the type of clients you’re meeting as to how formal you need to be, but in certain countries like Hong Kong and Thailand, as well as in the United States, it’s important to be more formal than you think you might need to be in order to stick with business conventions.

In order to get the virtual office experience right, here’s what you need to do:Hire the space you are after with plenty of warning so that you know you’re definitely going to be doing business in the place you want.

  1. Get there with plenty of time to spare ahead of your meeting and do some work in the space so you feel comfortable in there.
  2. Make sure you line up some refreshments or drinks of some kind to be served to your guest/business associate.
  3. Do your thing and seal the deal!

It’s very easy to maximise the benefits of a virtual office and it sure beats working out of a Starbucks! If you have been toying with the idea of getting out there and starting out as a digital nomad, then what’s stopping you? Perhaps you might need a little push in the right direction – and if so you definitely need to read the Four Hour Work Week and get some of that information into your thinking.

Make the leap

Remote work is an immensely rewarding way to see the world and to experience things that you just can’t do when you’re working for a company and going to an office everyday. Take the leap, and with the solid professionalism of a virtual office behind you to back you up you really can’t go wrong! All the best, and remember that first impressions are key no matter where you are in the world.