Among all mobile casinos in the Philippines, BC Game app is particularly popular. The programme gives everyone a chance to win a real prize. Successful play is available even for beginners – everything depends on the luck of the user.

However, it is possible to increase the chances of increasing the bank by using winning strategies. They allow you to make the most of your deposit. Strategies differ by the games for which they are designed. Each tactic has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Roulette Tactics in BC Game App

Roulette attracts with simple gameplay, the ability to influence the chance of winning. There are 3 popular strategies.

Martingale Method

The tactic can be used in the European variation, where there are low minimum and high maximum betting limits. The algorithm of strategy application is as follows:

  1. Place a minimum amount on red/black, even/odd, first/second half of the table.
  2. Repeat the bet, doubling the amount if you lose.
  3. Return to the minimum bet if you win.

The key advantage of the strategy is that it is guaranteed to increase the bankroll over the long haul. Each win increases the bankroll by the minimum bet. However, there are disadvantages to the tactic as well:

  • The influence of the zero sector – the fact that the ball can stop on the “zero”, the tactic does not take into account;
  • The risk of getting a series of losses – you can effectively use the tactic only with a large bank.

The Martingale method can be recommended to those who have a large bankroll and are ready for a long session.

D’Alambert System

This tactic is similar to the Martingale method. The difference is that after losing the bet is not doubled, but increased by 1 step. The strategy is safer than the system discussed above, as it does not require to quickly increase the bet amount.

The disadvantage of the tactic is the need to monitor the number of wins and losses. The number of the former must be greater, otherwise the bank will decrease.

Fibonacci Tactics

This tactic is connected with the mathematical sequence of the same name. The first 2 values in it are ones. The next 5 members of the series look like this:

  • 2;
  • 3;
  • 5;
  • 8;
  • 13.

As you can see, each value is equal to the sum of 2 previous values. The unit corresponds to the minimum amount that can be bet. Start betting from the first member of the sequence, move to the right when you lose. If you win, move back 2 values.

The strategy is attractive because it gives you the opportunity to increase the bank even if the number of losing rounds is greater than the number of winning spins.

The disadvantage of the Fibonacci method is the increased risk of a major loss in a long session. The further the player progresses through the sequence, the higher the potential losses.

Strategies for Playing Slots at BC Game App

Video slots are the most popular category of games in the Philippines. Like roulette, there are several time-tested tactics for them. The best strategies are those with high RTPs – look for slots with a return rate of 96% or higher. Try to test tactics in demo mode – this will help to understand the basic principles of the systems.


This tactic is also known as reverse Martingale. It requires you to increase the bet amount by 100% after a winning spin. When losing the bet does not change. The tactic is effective with a small series of losing spins. If the series of failures continues, it is better to switch to another strategy, otherwise you can lose the bankroll.


This tactic is one of the most popular in the Philippines. The user of BC Game app must increase the bet amount after the formation of a paying sequence at least x5 times.

Tactics can only be effective in games that have bonus rounds, freespins. It is at the expense of bonus levels build up the bank. If there has not been a winning spin for a long time, reduce the bet amount by 50%.


The method is based on the rule of maximum chaos. You need to play on one line, putting different amounts. If there has not been a prize for a long time, go to another video slot. The effectiveness of the tactic is difficult to determine. It is largely based on how much luck the player has.


The tactic requires increasing and decreasing the bet amount every few spins. The increase is performed smoothly. First make 5 spins, and then increase the amount bet by 100%. Repeat this until you reach your limit or increase your bankroll.

The strategy can only be used effectively by those who can control themselves. Those who easily get into excitement should consider another tactic, as the system requires strict adherence to limits.

Tactics for Crash Games in BC Game App

Those who BC Game app download for Android can also play crash games. Such games are united by the fact that you have to stop the round in time to get the prize. The bet multiplier depends on how long it lasts. The following tactics can be used in any crash games:

  • Safe – requires stopping the round at a multiplier of x1.1 to x1.5. The strategy is suitable for those who have a small bank. Applying the tactic, you can steadily, but slowly increase the bankroll.
  • Moderate risk strategy – using the tactic, make keshout on multiplier x2-x5. This will allow you to get good prizes with medium probability. Use the strategy if you want to strike a balance between frequency and size of payouts.
  • Risky – this tactic is recommended for those who are willing to take a risk to win a large sum. Using the strategy, try to get a multiplier from x80. Prepare for the fact that many rounds will end in a loss. However, if you are lucky, the bank will instantly increase by a large amount.

BC Game download apk and install on your phone to start using the strategies presented above to play successfully in the Philippines. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each of the beat systems when choosing the best tactics.

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