The letter “Ñ” pronounced enye, is a Latin alphabet with a tilde on top and pronounced “en-ye.” It became a Spanish alphabet around 3 centuries ago and spread to other countries under Spanish influence. 

The Philippines is where Spanish words have shaped languages like Tagalog and Bisayan. The letter “ñ” appears in place names and personal names, reflecting its enduring significance.

Since the letter ñ isn’t common, it may be difficult to type it on a keyboard, especially when filling out important forms that follow the QWERTY layout (common in the United Kingdom or USA).

But don’t worry! There are several simple methods to type enye ñ on any device, and this post will guide you through how to do it.

A simple method to type ñ is copying and pasting “Ñ” or “ñ” into a document. Additionally, you can bookmark this page for future use. For a more detailed guide on typing ñ correctly, follow the steps below based on your software or device.

Typing Enye (ñ and Ñ) on Windows

Via a Numeric Keyboard

  • To type lowercase ñ: Hold ALT and type 164 (or ALT + 0241).
  • To type uppercase Ñ: Hold ALT and type 165 (or ALT + 0209). What if your keyboard lacks a Num Lock key? Press Fn, ALT, plus the respective shortcut numbers.
  • Turn on the slider and close the window. To show the numeric keypad, click Options at the lower corner and select Turn on the numeric keypad.

How to Type Enye (ñ) Using Character Map on Windows.

If you lack a numeric keypad or the keyboard shortcuts mentioned earlier don’t work, you can use Character Map:

  1. Click Windows on your taskbar (usually located at the screen’s bottom).
  • Depending on your Windows version:
  • Go to “Windows Accessories,” then “Character Map,” or
  • Open the ‘Character Map’ from the search results.
  1. In the Character Map window that opens, locate the enye Ñ/ñ symbol:
  • For lowercase ñ, it’s usually found at the window’s bottom corner.
  • For uppercase Ñ, tap “Advanced View” at the bottom, type “n,” and tap on the search symbol. 
  1. Double-click on the Ñ/ñ symbol to select it, then click ‘Copy.’
  2. Paste the copied character or right-click and select ‘Paste’ to place the letter on your document.

Typing Enye (ñ) on Apple Computers (MacBook and iMac)

To type the enye (ñ) or Ñ/ñ characters on your Apple Mac, follow these steps based on your macOS version:

Easiest Way:

  • For ñ: Hold the letter “n” key until a small menu appears; then select ñ or press the number “1” on your keyboard.
  • For Ñ: Hold Shift and the letter “n” keys simultaneously until a small menu appears; then select Ñ or press the number “1” on your keyboard.

Another Way:

  • For ñ: Hold the Option key and press the letter “n.” You’ll see a tilde (~) appear. Press the letter “n” again to get ñ.

Creating the Enye Letter on Linux or Ubuntu

For Linux and similar operating systems

  • Press the following keys “Ctrl + Shift + U” simultaneously.
  • Release all keys.
  • To insert:
    • Type 00f1 for ñ 
    • Type 00d1 for Ñ
  • Press space bar.

Specifically for Ubuntu

  • Press Shift and tilde keys simultaneously.
  • Release them, then press the letter “n” to insert the desired character.

Microsoft Word Tools

For MS Word on Windows:

Microsoft Office 

Follow the steps mentioned for Windows laptops or computers when using any Microsoft Office application such as PowerPoint, Word, OneNote, or Excel.

Alternatively, here are additional methods to insert Ñ/ñ:

  • Click Insert tab, then Symbol. Under Symbols, select the enye ñ then click Insert.

Alternatively, try these shortcuts:

  • ñ: Type n0303 then press Alt + X (or Ctrl + Shift + ~, then “n”).
  • Ñ: Type N0303 then press Alt + X (or Ctrl + Shift + ~, then press and hold Shift + “N”).

Apple Mac MS Word

Follow the steps mentioned earlier for Apple laptops or computers to accomplish this.

Google Docs

To achieve this, follow the steps described earlier for either Windows or Apple laptops and computers.

Apple Devices (iPhone iOS)

Typing enye (Ñ/ñ) is straightforward:

  • Press and hold N/n on your iPhone’s keyboard.
  • A pop-up appears, displaying various accent marks.
  • Select Ñ/ñ.

This method also applies to other accented characters. 

Android Devices

To type Ñ/ñ on an Android smartphone:

  • Press and hold N/n on your device’s keyboard until a pop-up with accent marks appears.
  • Slide your finger to select Ñ/ñ from the options.

If the enye (Ñ/ñ) pop-up doesn’t appear, make sure you have enabled additional languages, such as Spanish and Filipino, in your keyboard settings. Simply go to the Language Settings.

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