Discover the ultimate Elden Ring sword and shield build with our detailed guide, tailored for beginners and tech noobs. Unleash your character’s potential and dominate the game.

Elden Ring Sword and Shield Build

The Elden Ring sword and shield build is a versatile and beginner-friendly playstyle that offers a balanced mix of offense and defense.

With a focus on strong melee attacks and efficient damage mitigation, this build excels in close-quarter combat and can adapt to various in-game situations.

In this guide, we’ll help you create the perfect sword and shield character, covering everything from choosing the right equipment to understanding your stats and optimizing your gameplay.

Choosing the Right Weapon and Shield

To create a powerful sword and shield build, it’s crucial to select the right equipment. Keep these factors in mind when choosing your weapon and shield:


  • Scaling: Look for a weapon with good scaling in Strength and/or Dexterity, as these stats directly affect your melee damage output.
  • Move set: Consider the weapon’s move set and choose one that suits your preferred playstyle. Some weapons offer a versatile mix of quick, sweeping attacks and powerful thrusts, while others may specialize in specific attack types.
  • Weight: Heavier weapons often deal more damage but require more Stamina to wield effectively. Lighter weapons may deal less damage per hit but allow for quicker attacks and better stamina management.

Curved Swords and Katanas


  • Guard Stat: The higher the guard stat, the less stamina it takes to block attacks. Prioritize shields with high guard stats for efficient stamina management.
  • Weight: Heavier shields typically offer better damage reduction and stability but can slow you down. Lighter shields may not be as effective in blocking but allow for quicker movements and dodging.
  • Special Abilities: Some shields have unique abilities or passive effects, such as increased stamina regeneration or elemental damage resistance. Consider these factors when choosing a shield that complements your build.

Understanding Your Stats

To maximize the potential of your sword and shield build, invest your stat points wisely:

  • Strength and Dexterity: These stats directly impact your melee damage output. Increase them to meet the requirements of your chosen weapon and continue to level them up to improve your damage.
  • Vigor: Vigor increases your health pool, making it a crucial stat for survivability. Invest in Vigor to ensure you can withstand incoming damage.
  • Endurance: Endurance affects your stamina, which is essential for attacking, blocking, and dodging. A high endurance stat allows you to wear heavier armor

Armor and Talisman Choices

Equipping the right armor and talisman can greatly enhance your Elden Ring sword and shield build. You should prioritize armor with good defense, poise, and weight balance to effectively manage your stamina and mobility.

Armor Recommendations

Some of the best armor choices for a sword and shield build are:

  • Banished Knight’s Set
  • Erdtree Knight’s Set
  • Golden Order Set

These armor sets provide excellent defense and poise while maintaining a reasonable weight.

Talisman Recommendations

Equipping the right talisman can enhance your build further. Some talismans that work well with a sword and shield build include:

  • Spiralhorn Talisman: Enhances physical attack power and defense.
  • Fingerprint Stone Talisman: Increases guard absorption and stability.
  • Samurai Talisman: Boosts physical attack power and provides a chance to recover HP on hit.

Best Skills for Sword and Shield Builds

Ashes of War play a crucial role in enhancing your weapons and abilities. For a sword and shield build, the following Ashes of War are recommended:

  • Shield Crash: A powerful shield bash that can stagger enemies and break their guard.
  • Transient Moonlight: A quick, close-range magical attack that can penetrate shields.
  • Bloodloss: A bleeding effect that deals damage over time to enemies.


An Elden Ring sword and shield build can be both versatile and effective, providing you with excellent defense and offense capabilities.

By carefully selecting your weapons, shields, armor, talismans, and Ashes of War, you can create a formidable build that will serve you well throughout your journey in Elden Ring.

Remember to focus on improving your Vigor, Endurance, Strength, and Dexterity for a balanced build, and experiment with different equipment to find the best combination for your playstyle. Good luck, and may your journey be a victorious one.


What are the best stats for an Elden Ring sword and shield build?

Focus on increasing your Vigor, Endurance, Strength, and Dexterity for a balanced sword and shield build.

Vigor and Endurance enhance survivability, while Strength and Dexterity boost weapon damage and versatility.

What is the best weapon for an Elden Ring sword and shield build?

The best weapon for your build will depend on your playstyle and stat allocation. Some popular options include the Antspur Rapier, Blood Pike, and your starter sword with a suitable Ash of War.

What is the best shield for an Elden Ring sword and shield build?

Some of the best shields for this build include the Brass Shield, Jellyfish Shield, and Turtle Shield. These shields provide excellent guard absorption and stability while maintaining a reasonable weight.

How do I find the Fingerprint Stone Shield in Elden Ring?

The Fingerprint Stone Shield can be found in the game world or obtained as a drop from certain enemies. Explore the world thoroughly and engage in combat to increase your chances of finding this powerful shield.

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