Elden Ring Dragon Incantations are powerful spells that allow players to harness the might of dragons, unleashing devastating attacks on enemies.

    But how can one unlock these potent abilities? This comprehensive guide will walk you through the steps and strategies necessary to master these formidable incantations.

    Understanding Elden Ring Dragon Incantations

    In Elden Ring, Dragon Incantations are a type of spell that players can utilize to perform powerful attacks, using the strength of dragons.

    These incantations aren’t primarily for offense; instead, they serve as an avenue for melee players to quickly discharge all their FP (Focus Points) into damage, allowing for swift elimination of foes.

    To use these incantations effectively, you’ll need a Dragon Communion Seal. This item scales your incantations based on your Arcane stat rather than Faith, giving you an edge in your battles.

    However, remember that your Faith stat and the upgrade level of your charm will still control the spell buff of your charm.

    Unlocking Dragon Incantations: The Basics

    Dragon Incantations are not immediately available to players. They require a certain level of progress in the game, specific items, and stats. The first step towards unlocking these powerful spells involves finding Dragon Hearts.

    These can be found in various locations across Elden Ring’s vast landscape.

    Once you have a Dragon Heart, you can exchange it at a Dragon Communion altar to receive a Dragon Incantation.

    Top Dragon Incantations and How to Use Them

    There are multiple Dragon Incantations available in Elden Ring, each with its unique abilities and strengths. Here are some of the best ones and how to use them:


    This Dragon Incantation allows you to unleash a breath of ice on your enemies, dealing substantial damage. It’s excellent for slowing down fast opponents and controlling the battlefield.


    As the name suggests, Dragonfire allows you to breathe fire on your enemies, dealing massive fire damage. This incantation is perfect for dealing with enemies weak to fire.


    Dragonclaw is a melee attack that lets you swipe at enemies with the power of a dragon’s claw, dealing significant physical damage. It’s great for close-quarters combat.

    How to Use Dragon Incantations

    Before you can use any dragon incantations, you need to have a Dragon Heart in your inventory. These can be obtained by defeating dragon enemies scattered throughout Elden Ring’s expansive world.

    Once you have a Dragon Heart, you will need to exchange it for a Dragon Communion Seal. These seals are scattered throughout the world, often hidden in hard-to-reach or heavily-guarded areas.

    By interacting with these seals, you can exchange Dragon Hearts for powerful dragon incantations.

    Where to Find Dragon Incantations

    Finding Dragon Incantations in Elden Ring is no small task. Dragon Hearts, which are necessary for obtaining these incantations, are hard to come by.

    These are often guarded by powerful enemies, such as dragons or boss-level foes.

    To aid your search, we recommend checking out these areas:

    • The Lands Between: This vast open area is home to several dragons. Defeat these formidable foes to earn Dragon Hearts.
    • Volcano Manor: This is a dragon-infested area where you can farm Dragon Hearts. Be prepared for tough battles.
    • Grand Lift of Dect Us: A unique location with a powerful dragon boss that can drop Dragon Hearts. Be sure to come prepared for a challenging fight.


    Dragon Incantations in Elden Ring provide a unique gameplay element that encourages exploration and risk-taking.

    The hunt for Dragon Hearts and the process of exchanging them for these powerful incantations add an exciting layer of depth to the game’s combat and progression systems.

    While challenging to master, the dragon incantations can offer significant advantages in battles and are worth the effort.

    Remember, Elden Ring is a game of exploration and discovery. Don’t be afraid to venture off the beaten path and find your own unique strategies and approaches. Who knows, you might even stumble upon an undiscovered Dragon Heart or an unguarded Dragon Communion Seal. Happy adventuring!

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