As you traverse the sprawling, fantasy world of Elden Ring, your arsenal’s potency is paramount to your survival. This comprehensive guide will help you navigate the myriad of weaponry available in the game, detailing the Elden Ring best weapons you can use to conquer your enemies and reign supreme.

The Elden Ring best weapons can transform a novice player into a formidable opponent. Whether you’re looking for the quickest dagger, the heaviest hammer, or the most agile katana, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

Axe of Godfrey Elden Ring

Elden Ring Best Weapons

The world of Elden Ring is fraught with danger, and to survive, you need the right weapons. This extensive guide is designed to provide you with detailed information on the best weapons in the game, equipping you with the knowledge you need to make the best choice for your gameplay style.

Top Weapons According to Reddit Users

Reddit, the front page of the internet, is a treasure trove of player feedback and insights. Here are some of the Elden Ring best weapons, as recommended by the Reddit community:

  • Rivers of Blood: This weapon boasts an impressive short windup, medium range, relatively low FP consumption, high damage, bleed, and stagger. Its weapon art can be spammed for maximum impact.
  • Moonveil: The weapon art is similar to that of Rivers of Blood, albeit slightly weaker.
  • Fallingstar Beast Jaw: An effective weapon, especially for close combat.
  • Blasphemous Blade: A powerful weapon with an impressive swing.
  • Godslayer Greatsword: This greatsword can inflict substantial damage to your foes.
  • Bloodhounds Fang: A balanced weapon that offers both range and power.
  • Maraias Executioner: This weapon is especially effective against bosses due to its Ash of War, which can deal a ton of damage and stun Malenia.
  • Dual wielding Regalia of Eochaid’s: This weapon has the same weapon art as Maraias, but with dual-wielded straight swords, you have a secondary attack that engages all those talismans besides just spamming the weapon art.

Best Axes, Bows, and Claymore in Elden Ring

Choosing the right weapon in Elden Ring is crucial for your survival and success. Here, we delve into the best axes, bows, and claymore in the game:

  • Best Axe: The Axe of Godfrey is highly recommended for its superior damage and stagger ability.
  • Best Bow: The Black Bow stands out for its range and accuracy.
  • Best Claymore: The Clayman’s Harpoon is a favorite for its impressive swing speed and damage output.

The Great Épée and Greatswords

If you’re looking for weapons that offer a blend of power and reach, the Great Épée and Greatswords are worth considering.

  • Great Épée: This weapon offers an excellent balance of speed and power, making it ideal for dealing with both fast and heavy enemies.
  • Best Greatsword: The Dark Moon Greatsword is a fan favorite, delivering devastating blows to enemies.

The Finest Daggers and Staffs

Daggers and staffs offer unique advantages in Elden Ring, especially for players who prefer swift strikes or magic-based attacks.

  • Best Dagger: Reduvia stands out as an exceptional early-game dagger with its speed and critical hit potential.
  • Best Staff: The Meteorite Staff is highly recommended for sorcery users due to its high magic scaling.

Unveiling the Best Katanas

Katanas in Elden Ring are known for their speed and precision. Two of the best include:

  • Best Early Game Katana: The Uchigatana is a solid early-game weapon with quick strikes and a decent range.
  • Best Late Game Katana: The Moonveil Katana is a powerhouse in the late game with its superior damage and range.

The Most Powerful Colossal Swords

If you’re drawn to the raw power of colossal swords, consider these top contenders:

Best Colossal Sword: The Grafted Blade Greatsword offers formidable damage and an impressive range.

Best Colossal Weapon: The Beast-Repellent Torch not only deals heavy damage but also keeps certain enemies at bay.

Best Early and Late Game Weapons

Selecting appropriate weapons for your journey’s different stages can significantly influence your Elden Ring experience.

Best Early Game Weapon: The Morning Star offers a solid balance of damage and speed for newcomers.

Best Late Game Weapon: The Sword of Night and Flame excels in the late game with its high damage output and elemental versatility.


In the vast and challenging world of Elden Ring, your choice of weapon can significantly influence your gameplay experience. Whether you prefer fast-paced daggers, magic-enhancing staffs, or heavy-hitting colossal swords, there’s a perfect weapon for every playstyle in Elden Ring.

By understanding your preferred playstyle and the unique attributes of each weapon, you can master the game and emerge victorious in your battles.

As you continue your journey through the Elden Ring, remember that the best weapon is not always the one with the highest damage output or the longest range. Instead, it’s the weapon that best fits your playstyle and strategy.

So, experiment with different weapons, find your perfect match, and conquer the Lands Between. Remember, the true power lies not within the weapon, but within the hand that wields it. Happy adventuring!


What are some of the Elden Ring’s best weapons for a beginner?

For beginners, the Morning Star, Uchigatana, and Reduvia are excellent choices for their balanced attributes.

What’s the best weapon for long-range attacks in the Elden Ring?

The Black Bow is highly recommended for long-range attacks due to its accuracy and range.

Are there any Elden Ring best weapons that are suitable for magic users?

Magic users should consider the Meteorite Staff or the Dark Moon Greatsword, as these weapons have high magic scaling.

What are the Elden Ring’s best weapons for heavy damage?

Weapons such as the Grafted Blade Greatsword, Sword of Night and Flame, and Godslayer’s Greatsword are known for their high damage output.

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