Download Minecraft PE and 1.18 with working Xbox Live and fight a powerful enemy like Warden!

What’s new in Minecraft and 1.18?

Finally, the developers from Mojang Studios have released the second part of the Caves and Cliffs: Part 2 update. Like the previous part, Minecraft and 1.18 presented the user with many new products worth exploring.

Without moving away from the theme of mountains and caves, it is worth talking about the new achievements of this update. Upon entering the game, Steve may not recognize his native land because they have undergone many changes. For example, the generation and structure of the caves have been completely changed.

The game also has completely new biomes that have their masters. The Warden is a formidable guardian of the dark depths, guarding these lands and local treasures.


The very first thing a user wants to see when entering Minecraft and 1.18 is a new mob. But the user should be careful because this is far from the most friendly creature. Although the Warden is blind as a mole, he hears perfectly. The mob can hear any sound, even a snowball falling. When responding to a sound on the guard’s head, antennas light up, similar in their animation to an acoustic sensor.

The only way to hide from him is to sneak. It should also be borne in mind that the guard of the dark depths has powerful strength and good health. This mob subtracts 30 points of damage if the player is without armor and 7 in netherite armor. It is worth noting that in the fight against the Warden, mods for powerful weapons for Minecraft Bedrock will be an excellent solution. In addition to this, despite its impressive size, the Warden is quite fas.


Having told about the Warden, his mine should also be studied. Deek Dark is a fairly rare biome, so you won’t be able to meet the Warden at every turn.

This biome also has acoustic blocks and sculk blocks. Minecraft and 1.18 introduces more pleasing biomes.

Lush caves, which are covered with greenery along and across, are a great example. These green caves spawn friendly mobs like the axolotl. It is noteworthy that axolotls appeared in MCPE 1.17.34, although there were no lush caves there. Cave vines hang from the ceiling, and the floor and walls are covered with moss.

Generating the world

As mentioned earlier, the generation of mountains and caves has changed a lot. The mountains are now taller, and the mountain’s peak has layers of regular and dense ice. This innovation will make the generation of mountains more natural.

The caves in Minecraft and 1.18 became deeper. That is, they dropped down to Y = −64. This means that Steve will have to stock up on strong tools to search for valuable ore because he may have to dig more.

Download Minecraft and 1.18

Update MCPE Caves and Cliffs
Version and 1.18
OS Android
Author Mojang
Xbox Live +
License Free
Size 130 Mb
File APK


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