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Choosing the right kind of IAS coaching institution is no joke, let alone finding the best one. However, an IAS aspirant finds the entire process an indispensable activity when it comes to preparing for the IAS Exam. 

Most of the Indian youth’s dream of joining the Indian Administrative Services soon after they graduate and cross their 21st birthday. The fact is that an IAS officer is looked upon with such awe that the Indian youth is simply lured by the power and prestige enjoyed by an IAS officer. As a result, the Indian youth packs his bags and baggage in order to leave his hometown and rush to the capital in order to be at his best to prepare for the IAS Exam.

Why does the task of choosing the best IAS coaching academy seem to be a difficult one?

Though the IAS aspirants do not want to waste any time while moving to Delhi, and finding accommodation, the entire process of choosing the best IAS coaching academy for themselves does leave them perplexed. The reasons may vary from one candidate to another. However, the major ones are given below:

  • The candidates are new to Delhi: It often proves to be a highly confusing factor. The IAS aspirants move to Delhi from across the entire country in order to get themselves enrolled at a good IAS coaching institution and clear the CSE successfully.

But as they are new to Delhi, most of them do not have many an acquaintance or relatives here. Thus, they are on their own. As a result, they find it somewhat difficult and confusing as to how they should begin with and move ahead for searching the best IAS academy for themselves.

  • The hefty sum of the fee charged by various academies: Most of the candidates do feel the pinch of rising expenses. As they move from their native towns and have to stay in the capital for preparing for the IAS Exam, they are already concerned with the expenses they have to pay for meeting the daily needs for meals etc. Besides, they have to pay rent for accommodation. And most of the IAS coaching institutions do charge a hefty amount as a fee.
  • What to believe? As every IAS coaching institution claims itself to be the best, it further adds to the confusion of the candidates making them even more perplexed. They find the claims made by every coaching institution logically convincing to a great extent. It’s understandable that as the institutions charge a considerable fee, they do present their claims to be the best in as logically convincing a manner as they can. As a result, the IAS aspirants are left with greater confusion every time they visit an IAS coaching institution looking for the right kind of guidance to prepare for the IAS Exam.

Tips to find the Best IAS Academy

However, finding the best IAS academy for yourself is not as difficult as it seems to be. If you make a few considerations and choose the coaching institution for yourself in a careful manner, you may opt for the best.

Here are a few tips to choose the best IAS coaching institute in Delhi:

  • The past record with reference to the current one: Most of the candidates are easily impressed with the past records of the IAS coaching institutions. However, it does not make any point if the institution had been producing successful candidates who cleared the IAS Exam with good scores till 3 or 4 years back. It’s more important to look for the current record of the institution. If the academy has been producing the candidates clearing the IAS Exam successfully at present, only then it can be termed as a right kind of the coaching institute that would provide you with the competitive coaching that you have been looking for. 
  • Feedback: It would definitely make more sense to get feedback from the students who have been studying at the institution at present. The current students of the institute can give you the most truthful account of the quality of the coaching that is being provided at the institution.
  • Faculty: Apart from being knowledgeable and experienced, the faculty should be keenly interested in solving all your queries. Remember, the faculty might be a master of the subject, but what are you going to gain out of a coaching session if most of your queries are left unsolved?
  • Study Material: The study material provided by the IAS coaching institution should cover the entire syllabus for the Civil Services Exam in a competent manner. It’s no secret that the UPSC syllabus provided by UPSC for the Civil Services Exam is an exceptionally vast one. 

Thus, there is no scope for any kind of diversions or exaggerations at all. You cannot afford to waste your time. You are required to manage your time in a way so that you complete preparing the entire syllabus within time and are left with sufficient time to revise as well. 

  • Test Series and the Mock Interviews Sessions: Apart from the study material, the test series offered by the coaching institution should also be highly competent. Besides, the series should also include the changes produced by UPSC in the Civil Services Exam Pattern, which is to say if there are any changes. 

Also, be careful that the coaching institution that you have chosen provides its students with highly competent mock interview sessions. Unless and until you clear the last stage, i.e., the Interview successfully, clearing the Prelims and the Mains would simply be useless for UPSC would not allow you to join the Indian Administrative Services.

To sum up, take care that the IAS coaching institution chosen by you would provide you with competent coaching. Also, decide for yourself rather than being influenced by peer pressure. 

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