Delving into the world of Elden Ring, the vast, dark fantasy universe, one cannot overlook the significance of creating a powerful character build. The Dex Faith Build in Elden Ring is one such combination that offers a unique blend of speed, power, and versatile abilities, making your character virtually unstoppable.

This article provides a comprehensive guide to constructing the Dex Faith Build in Elden Ring, ensuring you have all the knowledge you need to conquer the game.

dex faith build elden ring playstyle

Understanding the Dex Faith Build

The Dex Faith Build in Elden Ring combines the power of dexterity and faith stats. It’s a versatile build that allows for a dynamic playstyle, blending quick melee attacks with potent faith-based incantations.

Dexterity governs the speed and accuracy of your attacks, while faith dictates your effectiveness with incantations and sacred spells. This build is ideal for players who enjoy a balanced approach, taking advantage of both physical attacks and spiritual powers.

Stat Allocation for Dex Faith Build

The key to a successful Dex Faith Build in Elden Ring is proper stat allocation. Primarily, you should focus on increasing your Dexterity and Faith stats.

Dexterity enhances your ability to wield weapons effectively, especially those that require quick reflexes such as knives, swords, and bows. Faith, on the other hand, improves the power of your incantations and grants access to advanced spells.

Best Weapons for Dex Faith Build

Choosing the right weapons is crucial for a Dex Faith Build. Weapons that scale well with dexterity are your best bet. The Black Knife and Coded Sword are excellent options, providing a good balance of speed and damage. For ranged attacks, consider the Erdtree Bow.

Additionally, the Golden Halberd and Maliketh’s Black Blade offer formidable faith scaling, making them powerful choices for this build.

Best Armor for Dex Faith Build

Your choice of armor will depend on your playstyle. The Ronin’s Set and Confessor Set offer a good balance of defense and mobility.

However, if you prefer a more agile approach, consider the lighter Cuckoo Knight Set or Beast Champion Set. For players who don’t mind trading speed for superior defense, the heavy-duty Snow Witch Set or the Maliketh’s Set would be more suitable.

Essential Talismans

Talismans play a crucial role in the Dex Faith Build, as they enable the use of incantations. The Erdtree Seal and Giant’s Seal are particularly useful for boosting your faith-based abilities.

Additionally, the Gravel Stone Seal can provide a substantial boost to your endurance, allowing you to perform more actions before running out of stamina.

Incantations for the Dex Faith Build

The Dex Faith Build heavily relies on incantations, particularly those that scale with the faith stat. Some good choices include the Healing Prayer for self-sustain, Lightning Bolt for ranged damage, and Divine Protection for damage mitigation.

Additionally, the Holy Weapon incantation can be used to buff your weapons, providing additional light damage on your attacks.

How to Use the Dex Faith Build in Combat

The key to utilizing the Dex Faith Build effectively is knowing when to switch between swift physical attacks and powerful incantations.

Start fights with quick attacks using your dexterity-scaling weapon to whittle down the enemy’s health. When you see an opening, cast a faith-based incantation for either damage or healing. Don’t forget to use your incantations to buff your weapon before engaging in combat for maximum effectiveness.

Understanding the Playstyle of Dex Faith Build

The Dex Faith Build is all about versatility and adaptability. It’s a build that allows you to engage enemies in close combat with your dexterity-scaling weapons, but also to control the battlefield with your faith-based incantations.

It’s a build well-suited for players who prefer a balance of physical and magical combat, and who enjoy a reactive and flexible playstyle.


Is the Dex Faith Build suitable for beginners?

While the Dex Faith Build can be challenging for beginners due to the need to balance two main stats, it offers a versatile playstyle that can help new players learn the mechanics of the game.

What is the best weapon for a Dex Faith Build?

The best weapon depends on your personal playstyle, but weapons that scale well with dexterity, such as the Black Knife and Coded Sword, are good choices.

Can I use shields with the Dex Faith Build?

Yes, but keep in mind that using shields may limit your ability to cast incantations, as you need a free hand to do so.

How important is armor for the Dex Faith Build?

Armor is less critical for a Dex Faith Build than for a pure melee build. It’s more important to focus on dodging and positioning, as well as using your incantations effectively.

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