A pressing issue for the ecommerce businesses, shopping cart abandonment seems to become as common as never before these days. Unfortunately, no online retailer, neither a small family store nor a huge marketplace, is immune from buyers leaving the very last minute.

Magento owners may have a beautifully made website and appealing product offers, but some shoppers drop their carts without completing the transaction. Statista, the world-known research company, has found out that the cart abandonment rate is 77.3% as for this year. It means that every 2 out of 3 potential customers go away!

Customer buying decisions are based on a multitude of factors, starting from product characteristics and price to external stimulus. So, the list of reasons why they might leave an online store is endless. It may be unexpected delivery costs, poor product descriptions, a complicated checkout process or a cheaper alternative version. Regardless of the cause, the result remains the same – retailers forfeit their sales and profits. 

Cart Abandonment Solution That Works

The good news is that there is a proven way to win lost customers back for Magento-based online stores. You can’t get rid of the possibility of shopping carts being abandoned, but you can recover them easily with the help of  Magento 2 Abandoned Cart, a cutting-edge extension from Aitoc. The solution allows to create catching follow-up emails and reminders and send them over to the shoppers who left, motivating them to return to the store. Here is a brief overview of the features and capabilities it provides:

Automated cart recovery

The ultimate goal of the solution is to assist online merchants in encouraging shoppers to complete orders, and, most importantly, simplify and streamline this business-critical process. That’s why the extension provides a convenient and intuitive interface to implement and run an effective cart recovery campaign via automated email marketing tools.

Pre-built library of email templates

To make the process of setting up follow-up emails easier, the module provides a set of five standard email templates. You can use them as is or tune up according to your specific requirements.

Highly customizable reminders and alerts

Taking into account the importance of personalization, the Magento extension supports a variety of customization options to enable users creating unique, highly targeted emails.

In particular, it allows to:

  • Create the exact type of an email needed (it can be a reminder, an alert or a follow-up message);
  • Specify the rules for email sending (for instance, after items were left in cart or an order didn’t go through) and the terms under which emails will no longer be sent (say, after the purchase is completed);
  • Define the amount of emails to be sent (it’s possible to send up to 3 follow-up emails);
  • And others.

Special deals and coupons

A discount, even the smallest one, or a personalized offer can make a customer reconsider his decision and come back to complete a purchase. Thus, the Abandoned Carts extension provides an ability to add promo codes, coupons, and special deals to the email, so that customers can redeem them straight away.

Comprehensive statistics and reporting

Abandoned carts for Magento provides instant access to the metrics needed to track sales from recovered carts and align your marketing strategy correspondingly. The real-time statistics available in the admin panel include:

  • Amount of abandoned carts and products
  • Lost revenue
  • Amount of restored carts and products
  • Recovered revenue
  • Recovery rates

Both figures for selected time periods and lifetime statistics can be displayed.

Supporting a reporting feature, the module also allows to get detailed reports for in-depth data insights and better business decision-making. 

Final Words

There’s no way ecommerce businesses can steer clear from shopping cart abandonment. In order to reduce its adverse effect on sales and profits, a well-thought-out email strategy should be put in place. Designed with online stores’ needs in mind, Magento 2 extensions arm them with advanced tools to an implement an effective email marketing campaign that not only will bring customers back, but also nurture their loyalty.