The importance of Online marketing when it comes to online traffic for businesses can be not defined with words. This is why it is really important that your website is consistent among all the different browsers that are there so that your potential customers can get a seamless online experience no matter what platform they use. 

In order to make this process more efficient and effective, you have Comparium App along with  Selenium which is one of the most powerful and productive tools that you can find on the internet. With the help of this amazing tool, you can make your website consistent across all the popular browsers and improve your online ratings. With the help of these tools, you can identify any technical or visual glitch that might be there on your website as you use it across different browsers.

Comparium App

With the help of this amazing and efficient tool, you can effortlessly conduct cross-browser testing of your web testing and keep yourself updated with the web compatibility across the different platforms that are there. Using this tool will save you a lot of time and money and will surely help you in improving your online business. 


Comparium is an amazing and productive application that has many other features that make it a perfect fit for online businesses.  

  • The most impressive feature that you will get with this software is the Avant-grade web application that you can use in order to test your website across different browsers saving a lot of your time. With its fast and efficient working, you can easily test the compatibility of any website quickly. That way you can focus more on the development of the app rather than worrying about its compatibility. 
  • Moreover, you also have the option of hassle-free web testing across different browsers including MAC OS, Windows, Linux, and much more. This way you can test any browser or operating system effortlessly. 
  • You also get the option of testing your web application across the different versions of the website allowing you to test and try your web testing according to your requirements. 
  • You also get efficient support and backup with comparium as you get constant updates and emails with all the reports of your web testing. 


Selenium is another powerful tool that was launched by comparium that you can use in order to automate all this process. Here are the kind of testings that you can automate with the help of selenium.  You also get to choose the different components that you get with Selenium such as Selenium IDE, WebDriver, RC, Server, and Grid that allows you to use this tool according to your requirements. 

  • Compatibility Testing

You get to see the compatibility of your software on other devices, OSs, different databases, hardware peripheral, and most of the popular web browsers. 

  • Performance Testing 

You also get to test the performance and stability of your web app that allows you to detect all the possible problems in a program so that you can make necessary improvements in your system. 

  • System Testing

You can also perform system testings with this app that allows you to analyze both the non-working and working components of the system so that you get an all-round performance. 

  • Integration Testing 

The testing of the system is also facilitated with the testing of the integration of modules with the subsystem and cross-check of the initial requirements. 

  • End-To-End Testing 

This is one of the final stages of testing where a team of testers creating real-life scenarios along with the flow of information between the applications. 

  • Regression Testing 

Here you test the changes that occur with the application or the environment and cross-check the functionality of all these functions


With Comparium you get one of the most amazing and efficient web testing tools that you can use in order to test the performance of your client’s website on different browsers and online platforms. 

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