Welcome to the comprehensive crk topping guide, your one-stop solution to understanding and mastering the art of cookie toppings in the popular mobile game, Cookie Run Kingdom.

This guide is specially designed for beginners, ensuring that even the newest players can grasp the game’s intricate topping system with ease.


Understanding the Importance of Toppings

In the Cookie Run Kingdom, each cookie has the potential to be equipped with specific toppings. These toppings enhance the cookies’ abilities and stats, making them more effective in battle.

The right combination can make a significant difference in your game performance, especially in PvP battles and harder PvE stages.

Types of Toppings

There are three primary topping types in the Cookie Run Kingdom: Searing Raspberry, Swift Chocolate, and Solid Almond. Each type has its unique abilities:

  • Searing Raspberry: This topping increases the cookie’s Attack Points (AP), enhancing its damage output during battles.
  • Swift Chocolate: It boosts the Speed Points (SP) of your cookie, increasing their movement and attack speed.
  • Solid Almond: This topping type enhances the Defense Points (DP) of your cookie, making them more resilient to enemy attacks.

How to Unlock Toppings

Unlocking toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom involves a process of topping farming. As you progress through the game, you will naturally unlock some toppings. However, to get the most out of your cookies, you will need to actively farm for specific toppings.

Toppings Farming Techniques

Farming for toppings involves repeatedly playing through specific stages known for dropping the toppings you need. Each stage has different drop rates for toppings, so research and planning are crucial.

Guide to Resonant Toppings

Resonance is a unique mechanic in the Cookie Run Kingdom that further boosts your cookies’ abilities. Certain cookies resonate with specific toppings, and equipping these toppings can unlock additional bonuses. Understanding and utilizing these resonant toppings can give you an edge in your battles.

Upgrading Your Toppings

Once you have gathered a sufficient amount of a specific topping, you can upgrade it to enhance its effects. Upgrading toppings is a gradual process that requires more and more toppings as you progress. Therefore, effective topping farming is crucial for upgrading your toppings to their maximum potential.

Cookie-specific Topping Guides

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s dive into the specifics. Each cookie resonates with certain toppings and benefits from specific combinations. Here, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best toppings for each cookie in the game:

  • Almond Cookie Toppings 2023
  • Caramel Arrow Toppings Build
  • Espresso Cookie Toppings 2023
  • Mango Cookie Toppings 2023
  • Eclair Best Toppings Build
  • Beet Cookie crk topping guide
  • Ninja Cookie crk topping guide
  • Dark Choco Cookie Toppings 2023
  • Avocado Cookie crk topping guide
  • Best Cocoa Cookie Toppings Build


What are the best toppings for Almond Cookie in 2023?

The best toppings for Almond Cookie in 2023 include a mix of Searing Raspberry and Swift Chocolate. These enhance the cookie’s attack power and speed, making it an efficient fighter in battles.

How to build a Caramel Arrow with the right toppings?

For Caramel Arrow, a balanced mix of all three topping types works best. The Searing Raspberry, Swift Chocolate, and Solid Almond together provide a well-rounded boost to the cookie’s stats.

Which toppings should be used for Espresso Cookie in 2023?

Espresso Cookie benefits most from the Searing Raspberry topping, which increases its attack power. A bit of Swift Chocolate can also be added to boost speed.

What’s the best way to top Mango Cookie in 2023?

Mango Cookie performs best when topped with Swift Chocolate. The speed boost helps it to dodge attacks and land hits more quickly.

What are the best toppings for Eclair Cookie?

Eclair Cookie shines when topped with Solid Almonds. The increased defense allows it to withstand more attacks, making it a strong choice for the front line.

Which toppings are recommended for Beet Cookie?

Beet Cookie benefits from a balanced mix of all three topping types. This gives it a well-rounded stat boost, improving its performance in all aspects of battle.

How to top Ninja Cookie for best performance?

Ninja Cookie performs best with a heavy focus on Swift Chocolate. The speed increase allows it to land attacks more quickly and dodge enemy hits.

What are the best toppings for Dark Choco Cookie in 2023?

Dark Choco Cookie requires a good mix of Searing Raspberry and Solid Almond. This combination increases its attack power and defense, making it a strong choice for any battle.

What toppings should be used for Avocado Cookie?

Avocado Cookie performs best with Solid Almond. The increased defense allows it to withstand more hits, making it a great choice for the front line.

How to build the best Cocoa Cookie with the right toppings?

Cocoa Cookie requires a balanced mix of all three topping types. This provides a well-rounded stat boost, enhancing its performance in all aspects of battle.

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