Well, you have an awful lot of tasks with too tight deadlines and you simply can’t decide which one should be done first. Multitasking is not the way out but what should you doin this case?

How to boost your productivity and not to run mad? The overriding purpose of this review is to hunt down the question of being more productive. Alternatively stated, we’ll discern about all tips allowing you to meet challenges and perform all your tasks faster. We’ll also check what the flow state is and how to enter it.

The Flow State – Clear Definition

In current times, there were made a bunch of psychological investigations focused on enhancing the productivity. One of them was devoted to studying the term like “flow“.

What is it?

A foremost complicated scientific term? No! It is a state when an individual is engaged in one or another activity and nothing but this activity matters more than anything else! Nothing can prevent you from doing this job!

It is really hard to categorize this term because it is about absolutely any type of human activities. It means you can achieve flow not only when your dreams come true. It is possible to do this doing absolutely any duties (even the dullest ones).

The group of scientists who devoted their lives to studying this aspect arrived at a decision that the coolest moments of your life happen when you stretch your mind to the limits in order to meet this or that challenge.

This state of mind is crucially important because it makes your life brighter and more enjoyable. It helps you create certain habits and develop self-confidence. Otherwise stated, it will help you be more productive and enjoy what you do (even when this task is just a foremost essay).

How to Make Your Brain More Productive?

The theoretical material helps you understand the general concepts but what should you do in order to be more productive and eliminate procrastination? To help you solvethis issue, we created a list of crucially important tips, which will help you achieve flow, forget about procrastination and fill your life with happiness.

1. Choose What Task You Need to Do

Your overriding purpose is to focus on a certain task. Even if you are overloaded with work, you need to do all the duties one by one. For instance, you need to create a presentation. That is great! Now, you need to canalize your energies to do this task.

2. Don’t Be Distracted!

Well, that is a meritorious ambition but what should you do if your phone constantly rings or your laptop sends different notifications to you? In very deed, that is the key problem which doesn’t allow you to perform your job. Firstly, you need to eliminate all distractions!

In some instances, it is really hard to avoid them but you should try. If it is a phone, you should turn it off or install a self-control app. If your roomie doesn’t allow you to focus on this or that task, you should go to the library or to the nearest park to finish your project. At long last, you can wear headgear and turn on your favorite calming music which will help you concentrate on your project.

3. Dull the Edge of Your Appetite

Though you may consider that hunger and flow have nothing in common but you are mistaken. In sober fact, if you are hungry, you won’t be fully concentrated on other tasks.

If your overriding purpose is to be productive, you shouldn’t be hungry. It doesn’t mean you can visit the nearest cafe and order a sandwich. Your bite and sup should be healthy! Otherwise, your brain won’t be fully focused on the task and you won’t achieve flow because you are with an empty belly.

4. Always Get Enough Sleep

It is a general recommendation which will help you be more organized. It doesn’t matter what particular goal you wish to achieve and what tasks you wish to perform.

If you suffer from insomnia or sleep two or three hours per day, there is no need to think about your productivity and the state of flow. You may abide by all the rules but you won’t be productive!

5. Set a Timer

Lots of academicians have already tested this tweak and consider it to be rather successful! What should you do? For instance, your objective is to do a report.

This task is time-sapping and when you imagine how many hours you will kill while doing it, you will lose the desire to do it. Nevertheless, it is possible to overcome this issue by doing the following.

You should decide how much time you need to do this task and subdivide it into blocks – you work for 20 minutes and rest for 10 minutes. During these 20 minutes you should only work (no Facebook updating or answering Viber messages). When the timer rings, you can stand up and have a rest.

Following all these tweaks, you’ll achieve the flow state and submit all tasks having dangerously close deadlines. Psychologists also proved that neither money nor their quantity can make a person happy! What do they mean?

The answer is evident – your state of flow (the feeling when you do anything, when you are in motion) is your key to happiness! If you wish to avoid procrastination and fill your life with positive emotions, keep in mind these techniques! Mayhap, your life will change for the better!