By following the above tips if you’re lucky enough to find exceptional freelancer article writers from the US states, make sure that you treat them right. Remember, there are so many internet marketers who are looking for the same type of service, and your partners can quickly leave you if they feel that they’re not treated fairly. Pay your article writer in different areas of US on time and compliment them each time they deliver excellent results. This is the secret to building a great long-term working relationship with these people.

Many people who are successful online business owners often do not have the time to write and submit their articles to directories personally. However, these people are aware that if they want their online business to remain successful, they need to continuously distribute quality content in the online arena to reach a broader market and to continually improve their sales. The great example of good working content is Primetime Essay service where you can order assignment or get high-quality content for free. The best solution for such online resources is to hire services of an efficient article writer. But before hiring article writers in the US and article submitters from any other place, you must keep in mind some essential tips. Remember, the quality of their jobs will reflect on your internet marketing campaign and E-business.

You must interview as many potential candidates as possible. Make a lot of time when in the initial stages of looking for the right partners so you can make the right decision later on. Place ads on relevant blogs or create projects on favorite freelancing sites. Don’t limit your choices to 2-3 freelancers. You must shortlist at least 5-10 people who have a proven track record and who communicate their desire in doing the whole process right. Your ultimate goal here is to get an idea about their related experience and their work ethics.

Secondly, ask for sample articles. This applies to those people who are applying for the SEO article writing position. It’s essential that you get these people to write articles on your given topics. This is a must even if they have their portfolio. You surely would want to know the type of items that they can come up with should they write about the topics of your choice.

Never forget to ask for references. You would want to make sure that the article writer the US whom you hire has exceptional work ethics. Ask them for contact information of their previous clients and call these people up to get feedback.

Always begin with small projects. It is highly recommended that you give your chosen freelance article writer in Owensboro small projects first until you’re 100% sure that you can trust him. For example, you can ask your SEO writer to write ten articles first and your article submitter to distribute 5-10 items to 100 directories. Then, verify their work. If they offer nothing but exceptional service, go ahead and hire them again.

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