Millions of people use laptops on a daily basis. We use them for varying purposes, there are those that use laptops for their work, for fun and even social agendas. For that reason, manufacturers have put out laptops with specific designs; gaming laptops, home laptops and office laptops are among the top pick. As a programmer you will need to purchase a laptop suitable for hardcore programming; yes there are laptops specially designed to suit the needs of a programmer but among the thousands of brands, versions and model which one will you choose? Our laptop for programming guide will assist you as to what you need to look for while selecting one:

Processing Power

Among many factors in purchasing a laptop for programming, the CPU is high up on the priority list. The CPU is the brain of your computer, it handles and commands all aspects in your laptops. All those bits and pieces of information are handled by the CPU so if your laptop’s CPU is no good then every other component is basically useless. The CPU’s power can be measured through Gigahertz, but keep in mind that higher Gigahertz does not essentially equate to a better CPU. Each and every processor has a core, a higher number of cores mean better speed and overall performance; decide between an Intel processor and an AMD Processor.

Memory or RAM

The memory can be linked to an extension of the hard drive, it’s obviously important because the memory stores all the information that you need. For a programming laptop, the memory is critical because every application and file that a programmer needs will use up space. After creating a code, you’ll execute the code as a new program, this process would use the laptop’s Ram in storing directions. To get a better idea, think of the RAM or memory as a bucket that holds all the instructions of your codes and software programs. A typical programming laptop should contain at least 4GB in memory, but to be practical choose from those that offer 8GBs and higher. On an additional note, not all RAM are the same; a DDR4 RAM will operate at a better frequency so it’s a lot faster than the DDR1 RAM.

Other Features

Many programmers would only concentrate on the specification of a programming laptop, once they fit the bill then it’s off to the counter. But programmers would often sit in front of their laptops for extended period of time, creating and redesigning codes, so it’s all that important that you take into account the comfort features of a programming laptop. The best kind of programming laptop out there should also provide comfort features for their users. These comfort features vary from one person to another but they constantly involve the following: easy to press and comfortable keys, size of the screen, brightness, the placing of certain command keys and such. Why not customize and build you own laptop?

Programming Laptops

Not everyone will have a clear idea as to where they’ll look for the perfect programming laptop, some of you might even be beginners. And so we came up with a few suggestions that you can look into.

HP 15-AY013NR 15.6” Full HD Laptop

Numerous programmers have suggested this specific laptop and for good reason as well; the HP 15-AY013NR offers amazing features at a considerable price. Programmers that are on a tight budget but want to purchase an excellent programming laptop should definitely give it a try. Not every programmer out there can spend a small fortune on their programming laptop, so this is the next best thing. The laptop’s Skylake Intel i5-6200U keeps your application and codes running at lightning speed. The processor belongs to the newer generation, i5-62000U, so the millions of computations in your codes and process shouldn’t be a problem. It features an 8GB RAM for better multitasking and overall programming performance. Don’t expect the best from the 520 graphic but it offers more than enough for your programming requirements. The laptop’s 15.6 inch, 1080p display should be comfortable enough to avoid any strain in the eyes of the programmer.

Dell Latitude E7470 Business Ultrabook

For those of you who can afford to purchase a programming laptop that can be found on high-  end lists, the Dell Latitude E7470 might just be the perfect one for you; it is considered as one of the top programming products out there. It features an Inter Core 6th Generation i5-06300U processor. This programming laptop has two cores, the CPU is specifically designed to handles all the programming tasks you throw at it; it can even operate up to 3.0 Gigahertz. As for the screen, be aware of the comfort features, which is 14 inches in length which should be big enough to avoid squinting and any additional strain to the eyes. There’s even a webcam and microphone as well, so not only is it extremely efficient and comfortable for long hours of programming but it can also double as a gaming laptop.

Apple MacBook Pro MF839LL/A

As one of the most famous brands in the world, it’s no surprise that a lot of programmers would prefer Apple products compared to the numerous alternatives. One of Apple’s best laptop is the Apple MacBook Pro MF839LL/A. Featuring the 2.7 Gigahertz Intel Core i5 processor, it offers superior performance and an amazing speed of up to 3.1 Gigahertz. This laptop has no trouble computing millions and millions of instructions. The 8GB DDR3L RAM helps with the smooth flow and execution of instructions even when the programmer is multitasking. As for the memory, it has a 128GB PCIE flash storage, so it loads files in an extremely efficient manner. Aside from those features, it has a 13.3 inch IPS retina display alongside a screen resolution of 2560 x 1600. The battery lasts for a about nine hours, but this heavily depends on the way the laptop is used.