You are not an exception in your confusion! Really, all first time users find it baffling to decide on the right eliquid, and the compatible vaporizer device. As vaping is a rather exclusive and extensive recreation, it boasts of a huge user community worldwide. Matching up to this massive popularity, one can find great many ranges of choice such as pen vaporizers, sub ohm tanks, RDAs, and RTAs. Which one is right for you?

The only way to decide that for sure is to understand what they are and then decide by your preferences. Always prefer to check out a reliable online retailer for bulk delivery. In addition, your retailer must have a fairly huge range of flavors and accessories easily selectable by different categories. All these tips would be very helpful as you begin to explore the experience gradually. You are welcome!

First things first

New users should concentrate on selecting the right eliquid first. Look up the cartridges section at top sites like Even going through all those exotic flavors by the online page is an enjoyable pastime. With aromas like coffee, beer, caramel, mango, strawberry, vanilla, wood, and tobacco by its various intensities, you must be very specific about the choice. If the above mentions attract you, wait till you read the charming branded names. It is an exotic world altogether! Do some research on the composition of ejuices such as what are the differences between VG and PG based liquids, among other things (such as nicotine). (Pro Tip: If you want more smoke, go for a VG based liquid.)


After figuring out these primary details, check out the right vaporizer device. Point to note here is that it should be compatible with your purpose of vaping (cloud chasing or public use). Moreover, it should be technically and physically compatible. For instance, if the ejuice mix you chose generates a lot of heat, then a thin glass product may simply crack under the duress. You would probably need a sub ohm vaporizer there. Other types include the pen models, desktop vaporizers, RDAs and RTAs.

The Re-buildable Drip Atomizers are cool devices where the eliquid drips directly on the heating coils, generating direct vapors without the intermediary wick. In the Re-buildable Tank Atomizer, the tank holds the wicks by a special mechanism. This helps users with controlling their recreation pattern. As a matter of fact, you would need to restock faster with a RDA than with the RTA. Although it produces much more smoke than the RTA, yet unless you are heavily into cloud chasing, it may not be the best option.

Smoke volume is a popular topic in the community. One would even find cloud chasing competitions, typically arranged in the ‘Vaporiums’ found across various cities. These are just like hookah bars with modern accessories. Online services such as are like massive virtual emporiums of everything you need to buy at an affordable price. Check out the inventory, do your research, talk with the support staff, and enjoy the wonderful experience!