High-quality digital solutions are a basic necessity of every human on earth. You can find hundreds of Digital service providers in America alone, but not all of them fulfill your digital requirements. One of the leading cable companies in the USA is Charter telecommunications. Back in 2016, Charter bought two prestigious cable companies are known as Time Warner Cable and Bright House Network and merged them into one enterprise known as Spectrum.With millions of users and broad area coverage, Spectrum Cable Company is continuously upgrading its performance and services.  The company provides high-class services like High-speed internet, Cable TV, and digital phone.

Spectrum has excellent coverage in 41 states such as Texas, Oklahoma, and New York, etc.  Each month the rate of customers’ subscription at Spectrum increases and currently there are around 101.5 million Spectrum users. They are the most known among the users for its high-speed Internet and HD TV service. The company also provides excellent digital home phone service that is way better than traditional telephone; it gives the users with unique 20 calling features along with free phone calls nationwide. Spectrum has designed a pretty straightforward and standard rate for the services it provides as compared with the other service providers, less complicated price rate compel people for the subscription.

Other than the services, the benefit of subscribing to the Charter Spectrum is its “no-contract” policy. According to this policy, users are not required to pay a contract fee for accessing the services provided. It will ensure you complete termination of the facilities whenever you want, and at cord-cutting, you are not required to pay any suspension fees, unlike other service providers. Charter is also willing to buy contract you signed up with your old provider up to $500. The company is also providing the 30-day money back guarantee in case you don’t feel satisfied with the quality of the facilities.

Charter Internet Service

Although, many Internet service provider claims to provide the high-speed internet with more than 70 MB of speed they fail to do so. The Internet speed starts at 100Mbps. Spectrum gives speed test options to its users, unlike other internet providers who help users in ensuring they are getting what they pay.

Users can stream multiple HD videos all at the same through the Spectrum Internet service. With Spectrum internet, users can download even the heaviest of files with few minutes whereas the DSL connection takes forever to download even a 3GB file.  This internet is also an excellent option for Netflix enthusiasts and online game players. No data caps allow the customers to use the unlimited internet without paying more than the standard charges. The initial downloading speed of Spectrum Internet is 100Mbps which will reach to 1Gbps by the end of 2018. The uploading speed of Charter Internet is 25Mbps.

Charter Spectrum Voice Service

Now with Spectrum Voice service, you can make unlimited calls nationwide without paying any hidden fees. Customers can also make unlimited free calls to different countries like Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and Canada.

Customers can also enjoy free value-added services like Speed dialing, Call Blocking, Call Forwarding, and Caller ID, etc. Unlike other phone companies, Spectrum does not charge you with any extra money other than the standard rate.  Spectrum knows how much your family members matter to you, that is why with our service you can call up to 72 countries with the lowest price in the market.

One additional feature of phone is Spectrum Family safety. This feature provides the user with enhanced services for 911, with the powered back up battery; users can use phone service even in the power outage. Call charter service representative for further assistance. Charter provides free access to 411 directory assistance so that you can find the lost numbers of your loved ones within no time.

Spectrum Cable TV

No matter what your choice is regarding entertainment, you will get it on Charter Cable TV. With more than 100 TV channels you can watch both national and international Networks at the lowest cost in Charter Cable TV service. All the channels are in high definition, and the company won’t cost you extra for the HD service. Users can choose from more than 10,000 ON Demand content including high-resolution 2D and 3D movies and latest and past on aired shows. Customers will also get free DVR service along with installments on each subscription. Once you subscribe to any of the package tiers by Charter, you will gain access free access to DVR service that can be added up to 4 TVs in your house along with 780 hours of storage option. Each deal also provides free signup to the Spectrum mobile app.

For further assistance, call charterspectrum phone number: +1-833-447-7872

Spectrum offers:

To get the most out of Spectrum services, you can choose from its double and triple play packages. Following are the details of triple play packages.The price of each package vary due to variety in the services

Triple Play packages:

Triple play select

  • More than 100 Mbps Internet speed with zero data caps and security suite
  • More than 125 HD channels with free DVR service
  • More than 20 unique calling features with free calls

For more assistance regarding TV channels call Spectrum TV

Triple Play Silver

  • More than 100Mbps download and 20Mbps upload speed
  • More than 175 HD channels for Spectrum TV including premium networks
  • Free nationwide and long distance calling with attractive phone features.

Triple Play Gold

  • 100Mbps+ speed of the internet.
  • 200+ TV channels with free DVR and HD service.
  • Free International and national calling