Opting for a Bachelor of Commerce degree as your choice of an academic career is always considered to be a smart decision. This is because the world of trading commerce has more employment options to offer than you can remember. Check out the following list of career options for Bachelor of Commerce degree graduates that you can choose to apply right after qualifying your undergrad. 

  • Accountant – Accountants are known to possess exceptional reporting skills and are highly detail-oriented. Besides spending their time analyzing account information, work towards maintaining customer confidence and protecting operations by keeping the confidentiality of all financial information. They are typically hired by accounting firms to prepare and recommend policies and procedures reacted to financial measures.
  • Auditor – Auditors specialise in analysing and protecting assets by ensuring compliance with internal control procedures and regulations. They engage in appraising adequacy of internal control systems by completing audit questionnaires. On a typical day, they verify assets and liabilities, documents audit tests and communicates audit findings with auditees. These professionals are known to possess legal compliance and documentation skills.
  • Consultant − Consultants are hired with the purpose of improving an organisation’s profile by solving problems, managing change and improving efficiency. They provide expert advice to help them improve their business performance focusing on aspects, such as operations, profitability, management, structure and strategy. Individuals as these work in alliance with various departments, including management, strategy, Information Technology (IT), finance, marketing, Human Resource (HR) and supply chain management.

  • Company Secretary − Company secretaries specialise in providing administrative support and guidance to company directors. Also known as corporate governance, the tasks of company secretaries involve making sure that the company complies with all legal and regulatory requirements. From time to time, professionals as these may engage in contractual arrangements with suppliers and customers. They employ their financial and HR administration skills to manage office space and facilities.
  • Business Analyst − Business analysts assist with the implementation and support of business information systems across various departments. They are experts at identifying problems and opportunities within an enterprise and providing solutions that help the company achieve its business goals. Individuals holding this particular position are required to collaborate with financial reporting and IT departments to develop initiatives and strategies that can optimise costs, thereby improving internal and external reporting.

Candidates possessing a bachelor’s degree in commerce under the belt are eligible for all these exciting positions and more. Choose to pursue a full-time B. Com course in Canada and gain the merit required to grow as an in-demand professional. Take advantage of the 2020 intake.

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