Football is more than just a game. It’s a clash of skills, tactics, and, most importantly, players. In FIFA 22, choosing the right players can make or break your game. With that in mind, today, we’re focusing on one crucial position on the football pitch: the center-back (CB). This article will guide you to the best young CB FIFA 22.

    FIFA 22

    Understanding the Importance of a Good CB in FIFA 22

    In FIFA 22, a reliable center-back is vital for maintaining balance and control over the game. They’re the last line of defense and the first step in building an attack.

    Understanding the importance of a good center-back, we have scoured the gaming community, professional players, and other sources to bring you a list of the best young CBs in FIFA 22. Now, let’s dive into the heart of the matter and introduce our top young center-backs in FIFA 22.

    Top Picks for Best Young CB FIFA 22

    Based on a Reddit post and our research, here are some of the top young CBs in FIFA 22:

    Josko Gvardiol

    This young talent from Dinamo Zagreb has made quite a name for himself. With a high potential rating, Gvardiol is an excellent choice for any team.

    Josko Gvardiol

    Chris Richards

    Standing tall at Bayern Munich, Richards has excellent defending skills. He is perfect for those looking for a strong presence in the defense.

    Tanguy Nianzou

    Another gem from Bayern Munich, Nianzou, has an impressive potential rating. His physicality and defending skills make him a solid choice for the CB position.

    Tanguy Nianzou

    Benoit Badiashile

    This French player from AS Monaco is known for his remarkable defending and physical stats.

    Sinaly Diomande

    Lastly, Diomande from Lyon is a talented player with a high potential rating. He is a strong defender with good speed.

    Sinaly Diomande

    Other Promising Young CBs in FIFA 22

    Éder Militão

    A player from Real Madrid with solid defensive skills and the potential to grow into one of the best in the game.

    Matthijs de Ligt

    This Juventus player is well-known for his outstanding defensive skills and has a high potential rating in FIFA 22.

    Matthijs de Ligt

    Jules Koundé

    Sevilla’s Koundé has excellent defending stats and the potential to become one of the best CBs in FIFA 22.

    FIFA 22 Wonderkids: Unearthing the Future Stars

    Wonderkids are young players with high potential in FIFA games. Here are a few CB wonder kids in FIFA 22 you should keep an eye on:

    The Midfield Dynamo – Noah Mbamba (82 OVR / 88 POT)

    Noah Mbamba

    With a potential rating of 88, Noah Mbamba is a rising star in FIFA 22 Wonderkids: Unearthing the Future Stars. As a central midfielder for Paris Saint-Germain, Mbamba exhibits an excellent overall rating of 82.

    His standout attributes include 88 Dribbling, 85 Vision, and 82 Passing, making him a formidable force in orchestrating attacks. With his 6’2″ frame, he dominates the midfield and aerial battles.

    The Defensive Maestro – Sven Botman (79 OVR / 85 POT)

    Sven Botman, hailing from the Netherlands, is another promising young center-back in FIFA 22. Playing for Lille OSC in Ligue 1, Botman boasts an impressive overall rating of 79, with a potential of 85.

    His standout stats include 84 Standing Tackle, 83 Strength, and 81 Sliding Tackle, which makes him an excellent choice for your defensive line. He is also 6’4″, providing a significant height advantage in aerial duels.

    The Reliable Rock – Matthijs de Ligt (OVR 85 – POT 90)

    Matthijs de Ligt fifa 22

    Matthijs de Ligt is a highly sought-after center-back in FIFA 22. Despite his young age, he has already established himself as one of the top defenders in the world, playing for Juventus in Serie A.

    With an overall rating of 85 and a potential of 90, de Ligt offers excellent defensive skills, particularly his 90 Standing Tackle and 88 Sliding Tackle. His physicality and ability to read the game are top-notch, making him a solid choice for any team.

    How to Develop Your Young Centre-Backs in FIFA 22

    1. Training and Playing Time

    Giving them regular playing time is crucial to develop your young center-backs in FIFA 22. This will help them gain match experience, which boosts their development speed. Training is another essential aspect. Regularly train your young center-backs to improve their skills and abilities.

    2. Position Training

    FIFA 22 Position Training

    Position training can be a valuable tool in developing your young center-backs. You can enhance your players’ versatility and adaptability on the pitch by training your players in different positions.

    3. Growth Plans

    FIFA 22 introduces the concept of Growth Plans, which allows you to set specific development paths for your players. By choosing a suitable Growth Plan for your young center-backs, you can focus on improving the attributes that matter most for their position.


    You can assemble a formidable backline in FIFA 22 with the right strategies and selections. The young center-backs mentioned in this list are some of the best in the game, possessing impressive skill sets and high potential ratings.

    Regular training, playing time, and suitable growth plans can help these players reach their full potential and solidify their defense for many seasons.


    What are FIFA Wonderkids?

    FIFA Wonderkids are young players with high potential in the FIFA series. They are typically under 21 and have a high potential rating, indicating that they can develop into world-class players in the game.

    Who are the best young CBs in FIFA 22?

    Some of the best young CBs in FIFA 22 include Matthijs de Ligt, Eder Militao, Jules Kounde, and Josko Gvardiol. These players have high potential ratings and can become key players for your team.

    How do you find the best center-backs in FIFA 22?

    You can find the best center-backs in FIFA 22 by scouting players in the game’s Career Mode or using online databases and guides. Look for players with high potential ratings and strong defensive skills, such as tackling, marking, and strength.

    How do you develop players in FIFA 22?

    In FIFA 22, you can develop players by giving them regular playing time, conducting training sessions, using the Player Development feature, and setting Growth Plans. These methods help improve the skills and abilities of your players over time.

    What is the potential rating in FIFA 22?

    The potential rating in FIFA 22 indicates how good a player can become in the future. It’s instrumental in Career Mode when looking for young players to develop. Players with high potential ratings can develop into top-class players with proper training and playing time.

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