In Elden Ring, the best whips can be a game-changer for players seeking versatility, range, and strategic advantage. This comprehensive guide will delve into the intricate details of the best whips in Elden Ring, ensuring you make an informed decision for your gameplay strategy.

Understanding the Importance of Whips in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, your weapon choice significantly impacts your gameplay and strategy. Whips, although often overlooked, offer unique benefits and versatility that can give you an edge in various situations.

With exceptional reach, amazing dodge strikes, and a variety of effects depending on the whip type, these weapons can be a formidable addition to your arsenal

A Closer Look at the Top Whips


The Urumi is lauded as one of the best whips in Elden Ring. It offers both whip properties and an incredible reach, particularly on the charged R2, allowing you to keep enemies at bay while dealing substantial damage.

Hoslow’s Petal Whip

Hoslow’s Petal Whip is another formidable choice, especially for those resistant to slash. With a full dexterity build, this whip, paired with the Bloodhound Step as the Ash of War, enables you to weave around your enemies, repeatedly striking them with swift precision.


Thorned Whip

The Thorned Whip adds an additional layer of strategy by inflicting bleed damage on your foes. This effect can turn the tide of battle, gradually wearing down your enemy’s health over time.

Giant’s Red Braid

The Giant’s Red Braid is considered the best overall whip due to its powerful attacks and fire utilization. This fiery whip can dish out serious damage and keep enemies on their toes.


Magma Whip Candlestick

The Magma Whip Candlestick brings heat to the battlefield, unleashing fire, chaos, and fury onto your enemies. This whip is adaptable enough to be used like a spear, providing flexibility in combat.

The Best Ashes of War for Whips

Ashes of War play a crucial role in enhancing your whip’s capabilities in the Elden Ring. One of the best Ashes of War to use with your whip is the Bloodhound Step.

When paired with a whip, it allows you to deftly maneuver around your enemy, striking them repeatedly. Additionally, when combined with a Blood affinity, your whip will start to deal significant damage.


How to Acquire the Best Whips

Each whip in Elden Ring can be acquired through various methods, ranging from defeating specific enemies, looting chests, or purchasing them from certain vendors. The locations of these whips are scattered throughout the Lands Between, encouraging players to explore the game world extensively.

Elden Ring Whips: Maximum Upgrades and Modifications

Maximizing your whip’s performance in the Elden Ring involves several upgrade paths and modifications. These can drastically enhance your whip’s damage output, making it more potent in battles. The upgrades can range from fire, poison, blood, and more, each adding unique effects to your whip’s strikes.



Choosing the best whips in the Elden Ring involves a careful consideration of various factors, including your personal playstyle, the specific situation, and the potential upgrades available.

Whips like the Urumi, Hoslow’s Petal Whip, Thorned Whip, Giant’s Red Braid, and Magma Whip Candlestick offer unique advantages that can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. With the right Ash of War and upgrades, your whip can become a formidable weapon in your Elden Ring arsenal.


Which is the best whip in Elden Ring?

The best whip in Elden Ring largely depends on your playstyle and the situation at hand. However, many players regard the Urumi and the Giant’s Red Braid as top contenders due to their reach, damage output, and unique properties.

How can I upgrade my whip in Elden Ring?

Whips in Elden Ring can be upgraded at any Smithing Table using various upgrade materials. These materials can be found throughout the Lands Between or purchased from certain vendors.

What is the best Ash of War for my whip in Elden Ring?

The best Ash of War for your whip is typically the Bloodhound Step, particularly when used with a full dexterity build. This allows for swift, precise strikes that can keep your enemy on the back foot.

Where can I find the best whips in Elden Ring?

The best whips in the Elden Ring are scattered throughout the game world. Players will need to explore the Lands Between thoroughly, defeat specific enemies, and open chests to acquire them.

How do whips compare to other weapons in Elden Ring?

Whips in Elden Ring offer unique advantages over other weapons, including superior range, the ability to strike from unusual angles, and a variety of status effects depending on the whip type. This makes them a versatile choice for many players.

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