When it comes to the world of video production, there are two types — simple and complex. If you belong to the first group, video merging is a feature that you would have used thousands of time. As it turns out, a good video-merging engine is all you want while creating a compilation-based video.

Understanding this high demand, there are so many tools in the market, but we’ve to choose something really effective. Fortunately, there is one video editing suite for those who are looking for a powerful, easy to use and hassle-free video merging tool — VideoProc.

VideoProc — the Ultimate Video Merging Tool

Dubbed as one of the best tools for merging videos, VideoProc is more than that. It’s a fully-fledged video-processing tool that is available for both macOS and Windows. You can use VideoProc to edit, convert, crop, resize, merge and burn 4K UHD videos with ease. It should be noted that VideoProc isn’t a technically a video editor, although it allows certain video-editing functions.

What VideoProc Can Do In Video Merging

For someone who wants to create a compilation video, VideoProc offers everything he needs.

  • Join Multiple Videos Directly

In some simple steps, you can join multiple video files to form a single video file. This process is hassle-free and can be done by anyone. Suppose you are compiling some of the clips you had captured during a holiday adventure. You can bring them together in VideoProc and get the job done.

You would also love the editing functions in VideoProc. There are times when you want to remove some part of the video before merging, right? You can do that using the Trim feature of VideoProc. Once the trimming is done, the multiple videos can be tailored together as well.

  • Convert Videos into Other Format

Suppose you are done with the video. It does not matter if you have all the source videos in different formats. VideoProc will help you combine them and convert the final video into a format that you prefer. Because it offers full control over the video content, the whole process is easier.

Considering all these, VideoProc is the easiest way to combine video clips.

How To Merge Video with VideoProc — Ease of Use

Let’s now have a look at how easy it is to merge videos using VideoProc. It can be done in a few steps.

Step #1

Once you have installed VideoProc on your device, you can open it. From the main menu, choose Video and land on the Video Management interface.

Now, you have to bring all the video files you want to merge. Simply drag the files from Finder and drop. It’s easier than ever.

Step #2

Now that video files are on the interface, you can make individual changes as well. For instance, you can pick the desired order for the video playback or cut some parts of the video.

There are also options to add subtitles to individual videos. Just to make things clear, the whole UI is intuitive in every sense.

Step #3

Now, you have to select the Target Format from the lower part of the interface. Here, VideoProc offers a set of options. You can choose an individual format or pick the device where you want to play the final video.

Once this is done, click on the Merge button you can find on the lower-right side. Now, click on Run button and wait till VideoProc finishes the rendering process.

Depending on the file format and quality, the rendering process may take a few minutes. Once the video has been made, VideoProc will open the destination folder as well.

Voila, you have successfully merged videos using VideoProc.

You can also see this video tutorial if you’d like:

Before We Sum Up — Other Features in VideoProc

As we said earlier, there are a few other features we loved in VideoProc. Some of them are:

  • Without the hassles of encoding and re-encoding, you can split, cut and merge videos using this easy to use tool.
  • VideoProc offers one of the top levels of compatibility. It works really well with 4K UHD video. If you have action camera footage, for instance, everything will be buttery smooth.
  • Video processing speeds in VideoProc are insanely faster, thanks to level-3 Hardware Acceleration. It does not matter whether you’re merging or re-encoding, everything gets done super-fast.
  • Last but not least, VideoProc offers video optimization features as well. These are great when you’d like to publish some content on YouTube or Facebook.

Don’t you think these are awesome? That is why we believe VideoProc is one of the best video management tools you can find today. On any day, you can count in VideoProc when you want to merge videos easily.

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