NFL fans are always looking for ways to get closer to the action. However, these days, buying all of the team merchandise, traveling to the games, filling out your Super Bowl squares printable template, and calling up a radio phone-in show just isn’t enough.

    Thanks to the rise of social media, for the current internet generation of NFL fans, there are countless new ways to follow your favorite team. The NFL franchises themselves have also recognized the advantages of social media and every year become more adept at providing engaging content for NFL followers. Even the players are getting in on the act, keeping their fans up to date with what is going on in training and in their personal lives. 

    There’s no question that social media has added a new dimension to following the NFL, but which sites are the best for fans with an insatiable appetite for NFL news?

    Twitter Reigns

    Twitter has had moments of controversy, but it remains one of the most immediate ways for NFL fans to engage with their favorite sport, and is by far the most popular. Twitter enables anyone to share a variety of content from memes and opinions to video clips, and it also encourages people with shared interests to come together, enabling the creation of fan communities. 

    One of the biggest appeals of Twitter for the NFL fan is its coverage. Everyone who is anyone is on Twitter, from official franchise accounts to players, coaches and managers. By choosing who they follow, NFL fans can turn Twitter into an NFL-dedicated resource, keeping up to date with all of the latest controversies, scores and developments. 

    NFL franchises have not been slow to notice the rise of Twitter. Many teams now run successful Twitter feeds, with some using the platform to give more to the fans. The New England Patriots are one example – they use inventive hashtags to engage fans, and give them opportunities to win prizes such as signed memorabilia and even tickets to a home game. 

    Instagram For The players

    If you’re an NFL fan who wants to find out more about your favorite players, then Instagram is the ideal social media platform. You can find all kinds of NFL content on Instagram, but it is particularly popular with NFL players, who post updates and snapshots from training, and from their social and family lives. If you want to find out how an injured player’s rehabilitation is going, or whether they are planning to sign on that new contract, Instagram is often the go-to site. 

    Snapchat Rising

    Snapchat may be one of the newer social media outlets, but it has been making big gains in recent years, and several teams now have dedicated Snapchat accounts. The unique qualities of Snapchat enable teams and fans to be inventive in putting together video clips and images in a way that can tell a story or just provide entertainment.

    Snapchat NFL fans can interact with rivals and fellow fanatics, but they can also access a variety of content from footage of team training, locker room conversations, and game day preparation. The Philadelphia Eagles have been the most successful Snapchat pioneers, but other franchises have been catching up as the full potential of this social media platform is explored. 

    Don’t Forget Facebook 

    Arguably the first big social media platform, Facebook has a huge reach and is widely used by older generations. For the NFL fan, Facebook may lack the immediacy of some of the other social media platforms, but it offers a way to engage in more depth with their favorite teams. 

    All of the NFL teams have dedicated Facebook pages that allow them to offer content to their fans. The Dallas Cowboys lead the way when it comes to Facebook engagement, but many other franchises are not far behind, and Facebook remains the primary focus of their social media operations, which means that any serious NFL fan has to use the platform from time to time. 

    The other advantage of Facebook is that it enables the NFL fan to form groups with other fans, where they can discuss everything from travel plans for the next game, to who is the franchise’s all-time greatest ever player. Although the decline of Facebook has been much prophesied, it remains a social media force in the NFL world. 

    Social Media Boom

    The NFL has hundreds of millions of fans around the world, and for those fans, social media has brought a new dimension to their favorite league, enabling them to engage and interact with the sport in a way that previous generations could never have imagined. 

    Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.