One of the essential aspects of mastering Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is learning the best smoke spots dust 2. Smoke grenades play a vital role in obscuring vision, providing cover, and creating strategic opportunities for your team.

    Dust 2, being a favorite among players, requires a deep understanding of these smoke spots to gain the upper hand. Let’s jump right into the nitty-gritty of dust 2’s best smoke spots, shall we?

    Understanding Dust 2 Map

    Before we delve into the best smoke spots dust 2, let’s familiarize ourselves with the Dust 2 map. Dust 2 is a desert-themed map in CS:GO, featuring a bombsite at either end. The map is divided into three main areas: ‘A Long,’ ‘Middle,’ and ‘B Tunnels.’

    Understanding the layout of the map and the callouts for each area is crucial for effective communication and strategic play.

    Mid Xbox Smoke

    Mid Xbox smoke is a prevalent smoke that is thrown from the T spawn. It provides cover from the CT snipers who may be peeking from CT Mid, allowing your team to safely advance towards the short A.

    A Site Smokes

    The A site on Dust 2 is a popular spot for engagements. There are several key spots to smoke off when attacking or defending this site. For instance, smoking off ‘A Short’ and ‘Long A’ can provide significant cover for the planting or defusing the bomb.

    B Site Smokes

    Similarly, the B site has several key smoke spots that can facilitate bomb planting or site retake. ‘B Door’ and ‘Window’ are essential areas to smoke off to block the enemy’s line of sight.

    Short A Smoke

    Short A is a critical path to A site. Smoking off this area can provide the necessary cover for your team to advance towards the A site.

    Stairs Smoke

    Stairs smoke is used to block the vision of CTs holding A site from CT spawn or ramp. It is an essential smoke for taking control of the A site.


    Molotovs are also a crucial part of controlling the map in Dust 2. They can be used to clear out specific areas, forcing opponents to move out of their hiding spots or delay their advance.

    One great spot to use a Molotov is on the B site. A Molotov can be thrown from the B tunnels to the back of the B site, forcing any enemies hiding there to relocate. This allows your team to storm the site with less resistance.

    Another useful Molotov spot is at the A platform. A perfectly placed Molotov can flush out enemies hiding behind the crates at A platform.


    Pop-flashes are flashbangs thrown in such a way that they explode almost immediately after coming into the line of sight of the enemy, giving them little to no time to turn away and avoid being blinded.

    One effective pop-flash can be thrown from car towards Long A. This blinds any enemies pushing out of Long A doors, giving your team the chance to pick them off easily.

    Another pop-flash can be thrown from CT spawn towards Short A. This flash blinds any enemies pushing towards A site from Short A, allowing your team to defend the site better.


    Knowing the best smoke spots in Dust 2 can significantly improve your game, whether you’re playing as a Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist. It’s a skill that requires practice and precision, but once mastered, it can turn the tide of the match in your favor.

    Remember to use these smoke spots in conjunction with other grenades for maximum effect. Happy practicing and good luck in your matches!


    What are the best smoke spots in Dust 2?

    The best smoke spots in Dust 2 include smokes for Long A, Short A, Mid Doors, CT Spawn, and the B Site. These smoke spots can be used to block off crucial lines of sight for the enemy team, giving you a tactical advantage.

    How can I practice these smoke spots in Dust 2?

    You can practice these smoke spots by setting up a custom game and using console commands to give yourself unlimited grenades. Use the command ‘sv_grenade_trajectory 1’ to see the path your grenades take, and ‘sv_infinite_ammo 1’ for unlimited grenades.

    How important are smokes in Dust 2?

    Smoke grenades are crucial in Dust 2. They can be used to block off lines of sight, create diversions, and provide cover for bomb plants and defuses.

    What other grenades should I use in conjunction with smoke grenades in Dust 2?

    In addition to smoke grenades, it’s important to master the use of flashbangs, molotovs, and HE grenades. Flashbangs can be used to blind enemies, molotovs can clear out hiding spots and delay pushes, and HE grenades can deal significant damage to enemies.

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