Even with the rise of online music streaming, some still prefer the classic method of downloading songs directly to their device. It’s especially useful in areas with poor internet. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the top free MP3 music download sites. They’re all legal and perfect for enjoying your favorite tracks anytime, anywhere. Check them out below:

YouTube Audio Library

If you’ve got a YouTube account, you’re in luck! YouTube Studio offers a library of royalty-free music and sound effects for your videos. It’s free to use, even for videos that make money.

Simply hit the Play button to preview a track, and if you like what you hear, click Download to get the MP3. Easy as pie!

This service offers access to a vast royalty-free music library with easy download options.


Amazon offers more than just shopping. It hosts thousands of tracks by renowned bands and singers. As the lineup frequently changes, seize the opportunity to download your favorite MP3s promptly. However, searching for specific genres of free music might require some patience, as there’s no dedicated filter. 

best mp3 download sites

Additionally, it’s important to note that Amazon’s music purchasing service is exclusive to its US website.

This platform offers key features such as the option to sign up and purchase songs without any charge. Moreover, it hosts an extensive collection comprising thousands of tracks, providing users with a wide selection to explore and enjoy.

Jamendo Music

This website is a gem for downloading MP3 tunes from indie artists who aren’t signed to big labels. They gather on Jamendo Music to share their creations. With a whopping collection of over 240,000 songs contributed by roughly 40,000 artists, you’re spoilt for choice. Simply select your preferred genre and browse through albums, musicians, and tracks. 

Jamendo Music stands out as one of the finest free platforms for MP3 downloads, offering user-friendly filters for sorting music by popularity, recent releases, and trending tracks. Additionally, you can preview songs on themed radio stations before downloading them. 

So, without delay, create your account and dive into the world of streaming and downloading MP3 melodies.


For classical music enthusiasts, Musopen stands out as the top choice among free MP3 sites for legal downloads. Whether it’s Beethoven or Bach, you’ll find the MP3s of renowned classical artists available for download. Additionally, the website offers free sheet music and educational resources. Keep in mind the daily download limits.

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a top website for getting free MP3 songs legally. It has a big collection of songs. It also has Live Music Archive with concerts and shows. This website is easy to use. You can sort and filter songs easily. You can also preview songs before downloading. Besides songs, you can get radio shows, audiobooks, news, and more.

Free Music Archive

The Free Music Archive is among the finest spots to snag free MP3 songs online. It’s curated by WUFM, an independent radio station based in New Jersey. While it mostly features tunes from lesser-known artists, you might stumble upon a few popular tracks. Just make sure to check the song’s license before using it commercially.


While Bandcamp isn’t exclusively for free music, it offers a vast collection of songs and albums for download. No account is necessary, and you can download free songs by entering zero in the payment box. Explore the Discover page to find popular tracks and new arrivals. Bandcamp stands out as one of the top destinations for free MP3 song downloads.

Wynk Music

Wynk Music, brought to you by Airtel, offers a vast library of over 22 million songs in Hindi, English, Bollywood, and regional languages. Enjoy free listening and downloading by simply logging in with your mobile number. Explore music from a wide range of Indian and international artists hassle-free.

best mp3 download sites


CCTrax is a fantastic platform for downloading MP3 songs at no cost. It offers tracks protected by the Creative Commons license, hence its name. While it hosts various genres, including electronica, dub, techno, and ambient music, it’s important to note that some songs marked with the ‘By License’ label can only be embedded on other sites.


Bensound provides a variety of copyright-safe tracks and music. With over 80 free music tracks available in genres like ambient, cinematic, hip-hop, and rock, it’s a perfect resource for content creators. Simply sign up to access tunes tailored to your needs.


Last.fm, brought to you by Paramount Global, offers a diverse selection of free songs. No sign-up required for downloads. However, logging in enables users to track favorite artists and receive personalized song recommendations.

best mp3 download sites


Soundclick is a free music platform with a diverse collection spanning rock, electronic, hip-hop, instrumental, and pop genres. To access downloads, users are required to log in, and while most content is free, some tracks may incur a cost.


Beatstars serves as an online hub for artists and producers to collaborate and share their music. They can choose from various license types to distribute their work, including both non-exclusive and exclusive options. Additionally, artists have the flexibility to offer some of their tunes and beats for free.


While ccMixter’s website interface might not be visually appealing, it hosts an extensive collection of songs and tracks by various artists. Additionally, you can freely download remixed songs onto your device.

best mp3 download sites


Musify, available on Android and iOS, provides access to millions of songs for streaming and download on mobile devices. Enjoy an ad-free experience for uninterrupted listening pleasure.

At its core, this platform boasts a sleek and intuitive interface, making it a breeze to navigate. It offers access to an extensive library of millions of songs, available for streaming and downloading completely free of charge. What sets it apart is its ad-free environment, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted music experience for users.


Wrapping up our list is ReverbNation, a standout among free MP3 download sites. It hosts an impressive array of tracks from up-and-coming bands. Downloading songs from these emerging artists allows you to curate a one-of-a-kind music collection, showcasing the potential legends of tomorrow.

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