Car racing is pure thrill. It gives unmatchable adrenalin rush. Most of the car racers dote on their cars and rely on the gadgets, too, sometimes to make driving a butter smooth experience. Racers are showered with a lot many crazy gifts and prizes as the events they attend witness audience in large numbers. But, the best prizes loved by the racers are those that help in driving effortlessly and help keep the car in good shape too. Since racers dote on their cars, their prizes and gifts, and are capable of buying anything under the sun, they love things that are still far from their reach. Listed here are a few interesting gadgets that can be gifted to car racers to celebrate their win.

These are the satellite navigation systems; that help the racers find the route easily. The wide screen of the system is not distracting. It helps locating the landmarks fast and confusion-free. A large crop of drivers and racers rely heavily on the maps and do not consider it a mess for the car. Thus, these NAV systems have multiple benefits as these perform a variety of other functions apart from telling the route.

  • HUD display

With HUD display around, the driver does not require taking eyes off the road ever. All vital statistics measuring meters like speedometer, and tachometer, etc. are displayed in the head above display or HUD. The makers of very expensive cars have added this feature recently in the latest models. After getting thumbs up from the ardent car lovers, this device is now available as add-on to the cars. More safety, more caution and nil troubles – this device has added to the comfort of being behind the steering wheel.

  • Proximity device

A great relief for the forgetful minds around. Whether you have forgot the parking location of the car and feel helpless, this device will come to the rescue. Racers need concentrating only on the driving. They are helped by a lot of assistants to lay their complete focus on the driving. By using the proximity devices, they get a virtual assistant. There are certain smartphone apps developed that sense these devices remotely and provide the exact location of the car to the owner.

This gift is filthy expensive. And car racers who keep entertaining us and winning humongous amounts for their clubs deserve it truly. This Rolex watch is named as Rolex Daytona after one of the most happening racing tracks of the world. Rolex is the watch that is quite common with the F1 racers. They are often seen flaunting these cosmographs on their wrists. The smartness of this watch is another reason that makes it a preference for the car racers. Features like stop watch timed to 1/56 second, shock-proof patented case and, etc. make this watch worth relying upon even while zooming past the rivalries on the racing track.

So, find out more about these gadgets and think of gifting one to the car racers when you want to celebrate their moment of glory.

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