Drifting is an exhilarating and challenging driving technique in Grand Theft Auto 5 that requires skill, precision, and the right vehicle. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the best drift cars in GTA 5 and provide detailed instructions on how to master drifting in Los Santos.

    Top 10 Drift Cars in GTA 5

    Based on the feedback from Reddit users and various other sources, here is a list of the top 10 drift cars in GTA 5. Each vehicle has unique handling and performance characteristics, making them suitable for different drifting styles and skill levels.

    1. Karin Sultan RS (Bennies Variant) – A well-balanced car with excellent handling, the Karin Sultan RS is a popular choice for drifting enthusiasts.KARIN SULTAN RS BENNIES VARIANT GTA 5
    2. Bravado Banshee 900R – With its powerful engine and lightweight design, the Banshee 900R offers impressive acceleration and top speed, making it an excellent option for high-speed drifts.BRAVADO BANSHEE 900R GTA 5
    3. Declasse Drift Yosemite – A powerful and agile drift truck, the Drift Yosemite is perfect for those who prefer a larger vehicle with plenty of torque for initiating and maintaining drifts.DEGTA 5 CLASSE DRIFT YOSEMITE
    4. Benefactor Schwartzer – A compact and agile sports car, the Schwartzer offers a perfect balance of power and handling for mastering drifts on tight city streets.BENEFACTOR SCHWARTZER GTA 5
    5. Karin Futo – The Futo is a lightweight, rear-wheel-drive car perfect for beginners learning to drift. It is responsive handling, and modest power output makes it a popular choice for those looking to hone their drifting skills.KARIN FUTO GTA 5
    6. Vulcar Nebula Turbo – This stylish and powerful drift car offers excellent handling and stability, making it a popular choice among more experienced drifters.VULCAR NEBULA TURBO GTA 5
    7. Vapid Imperator – With its aggressive design and powerful engine, it is a formidable drift car that can hold its own against the best in the game.VAPID IMPERATOR GTA 5
    8. Annis Elegy Retro Custom – A fan favorite, the Elegy Retro Custom is a versatile drift car with a unique look and excellent performance characteristics.


    How to Drift in GTA 5

    Drifting in GTA 5 can be challenging, but with practice, you can master the art. Follow these steps to improve your drifting skills:

    1. Choose the right car: Select a drift car from the list above that suits your preferences and style.
    2. Customize your car: Modify your car’s suspension, tires, and brakes to optimize it for drifting (see Section 4 for details).
    3. Practice throttle control: Learn to feather the throttle and use a combination of acceleration and deceleration to maintain a smooth drift.
    4. Master countersteering: As you initiate the drift, turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction of the turn to maintain control.
    5. Use the handbrake: Tap it to initiate a drift and release it to regain traction when needed.
    6. Control weight transfer: Shift the car’s weight from side to side using the brakes and throttle to help initiate and control drifts.

    Customizing Your Drift Car

    Customizing Your Drift Car

    Customizing your drift car can significantly improve its performance and handling. Here are some essential modifications to consider for your drift car:

    1. Suspension: Lowering the suspension will lower your car’s center of gravity, improving its handling during drifts.
    2. Tires: Choose sport or race tires for better grip and control during drifts. Some players prefer using slightly worn tires for easier drifting, so experiment to find your preference.
    3. Brakes: Upgrade to high-performance brakes for better stopping power and control during drifts.
    4. Transmission: A high-performance transmission will provide faster gear changes, improving acceleration and control.
    5. Engine: Engine upgrades will increase your car’s power, making initiating and maintaining drifts easier.
    6. Turbo: Installing a turbocharger will improve your car’s acceleration and top speed, which can benefit drifting.

    Best Drift Car Locations in Los Santos

    Some of the best drift car locations in Los Santos include:

    1. Vinewood Hills: The curvy roads and elevation changes in Vinewood Hills provide an excellent place for practicing your drifting skills.
    2. Los Santos International Airport: The wide-open spaces and long runways allow for high-speed drifts and plenty of room to practice.
    3. La Puerta Freeway: The on and off-ramps of the La Puerta Freeway provide an excellent opportunity to practice drifting at high speeds.
    4. Mirror Park: Mirror Park’s residential streets and tight corners are perfect for honing your precision drifting skills.
    5. Elysian Island: The industrial area and docklands of Elysian Island offer a variety of obstacles and tight turns for advanced drifters looking to challenge their skills.

    Drift Challenges and Races

    Mountain Drift

    GTA 5 offers various drift challenges and races where you can showcase your drifting skills and earn rewards. These events can be found in the game or created by the player community. Some prevalent drift challenges and races include:

    1. Drift King: Compete against other players to see who can achieve the highest drift score within the time limit.
    2. Mountain Drift: Race against the clock as you drift through challenging mountain roads.
    3. Urban Drift: Show off your skills as you drift through the busy streets of Los Santos.
    4. Freeway Fury: Drift at high speeds on the freeway while avoiding traffic and obstacles.
    5. Time Attack: Complete a series of drift challenges within a time limit to earn rewards.
    6. Custom Races: Create your drift races or challenges using the in-game content creator or join races created by other players.

    Tips and Tricks for Drifting in GTA 5

    To improve your drifting skills in GTA 5, keep these tips and tricks in mind:

    1. Find your style: Experiment with different cars and modifications for the best drift setup.
    2. Be patient: Drifting in GTA 5 takes practice, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t master it immediately.
    3. Stay in control: Avoid oversteering and losing control using gentle inputs and smooth transitions between throttle, brake, and steering.
    4. Learn from others: Watch videos and tutorials from experienced drifters to learn new techniques and tips.
    5. Use slow-motion: The in-game feature can help you analyze and improve your drifting technique.
    6. Experiment with camera angles: Try different camera views to find the one that provides the best visibility and control during drifts.


    Drifting in GTA 5 is a fun and rewarding game requiring skill, practice, and the proper car setup. By choosing the right drift car, customizing it for optimal performance, and practicing your technique, you can become a drift master in Los Santos.

    With numerous drift locations, challenges, and races, GTA 5 offers endless opportunities to showcase your drifting skills and enjoy the thrill of driving sideways through the streets of Los Santos.

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