Addons have been a huge part of the game for a long time, first becoming popular towards the end of Vanilla WoW. There is a huge catalog of Addons for the current game expansion, and these addons vary vastly in their purpose. Some addons will give quality-of-life improvements, like quest helpers or Auction House addons that make your game experience a little smoother. Other addons will help you improve your character by allowing you to see how much damage or healing you are outputting so you can optimize your playstyle for maximum results. 

Since Classic WoW will be running on a modified client of a later expansion, rather than the original Vanilla client, all of the old school addons created back in Vanilla which are still used on private servers will not work. But don’t despair – many addon developers have confirmed they will have Classic WoW addons available for the game’s launch at the end of August. 

This list isn’t exhaustive since there are many more confirmed addons that didn’t make it onto the list. We aimed to pick the addons that the average player will get the most use out of. Let us take a look at some of the best confirmed addons for Classic WoW. 


You’ve probably heard of this addon! Recount is an incredibly popular damage counter addon that has stood the test of time. Recount wasn’t around back in Vanilla, although there were a few alternatives that had less functionality. 


WeakAuras is popular in the current game and the developers have confirmed that they will be making a version for Classic WoW. WeakAuras allows you to customize the information shown in your user interface so you can easily track buffs, cooldowns, and procs, which is incredibly useful in raiding. 

ClassicAuraDurations and ClassicCastBar

Many players don’t realize that a lot of elements of the modern user interface that we’re used to, simply didn’t exist back in the 1.12 days of Vanilla WoW. For example, debuff timers didn’t exist back in Vanilla and the same is true of WoW Classic. ClassicAuraDurations will help you track debuffs you apply to enemies so you can reapply the debuff once it times out. It’s a very simple but incredibly useful addon that can make your leveling and raiding experience more efficient.

In much the same vein, back in Vanilla WoW, you couldn’t actually see what your enemy was casting because the enemy cast bar didn’t exist. This meant that players relied on visual cues to anticipate an enemy’s next move. With the ClassicCastBar addon, you will now be able to see enemy cast bars which has the potential to make your combat much more effective. 

DBM Classic

DBM Classic is the Classic WoW version of Deadly Boss Mods, an addon which most seasoned WoW players will be very familiar with. DBM Classic will function in much the same way as its predecessor by guiding you through boss encounters, keeping you informed about boss timers and giving you warnings about upcoming mechanics. 


Auctionator is the WoW Classic version of Auctioneer, and is essential for any players looking to play the Auction House. This addon makes the Auction House easier to use by making it easier to post and manage auctions. Many players preferred way of making G2G WoW Classic gold is to buy items off the Auction House and flip them or to farm for in-demand items and sell them on the Auction House. If you are one of these players, then this addon is a must-have. If you’re the kind of player who doesn’t plan to spend much time on the Auction House or maybe someone who is planning to buy World of Warcraft Classic Gold instead of farming, then this addon is less essential for you. 


This addon is great for anyone planning to go down the herbailist or miner profession routes. Gatherer remembers every node you have gathered from and marks it on your map so that you can easily locate the best places to farm for materials. The addon will also mark spots that your guildmates have gathered from if they also have the addon. Gatherer just makes life a bit easier if you have a gathering profession, making it a great addon to have. 

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