Unlocking the secrets to Baxcalibur’s weakness can mean the difference between victory and defeat in your Pokémon battles.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know to effectively counter this formidable adversary.

Baxcalibur using Tera Ground

Understanding Baxcalibur

Baxcalibur is a Dragon/Ice type Pokémon known for its formidable abilities, Thermal Exchange and Ice Body, and a high base attack of 145. It’s hailed for its signature move, Glaive Rush, which boasts a base power of 120 with 100% accuracy.

However, its Ice typing can expose it to various weaknesses. Its only major limitation is its relatively low speed, which can leave it vulnerable in battles.

Key Weaknesses of Baxcalibur

The primary Baxcalibur weakness lies in its Ice typing, which can expose it to various vulnerabilities in battle. Ice types are generally weak against Fire, Fighting, Rock, and Steel moves.

As a Dragon type, Baxcalibur is also weak against Fairy, Dragon, and Ice moves.

Strategies to Exploit Baxcalibur Weakness

Here are some proven tactics to make the most of Baxcalibur’s weaknesses:

Use a Choice Band

Boosting Baxcalibur’s attack with a Choice Band is a popular strategy among players. It increases Baxcalibur’s already high attack stat, enabling it to dish out more damage.

Utilize Screens and Tailwind

Employing defensive screens and Tailwind can help counter Baxcalibur’s relatively low speed, making it more competitive in the battle.

Pair with Murkrow

Murkrow, with access to the move Earthquake, is a strong ally when paired with Baxcalibur. This combination can help mitigate Baxcalibur’s vulnerabilities.

Use Tera Ground

The move Tera Ground can change all of Baxcalibur’s previous weaknesses apart from Ice. It gives Earthquake STAB, which enables Baxcalibur to potentially knock out Armarouge in one hit.


Understanding the Baxcalibur weakness is crucial for any Pokémon trainer looking to gain the upper hand in battles.

With the right strategies, exploiting Baxcalibur’s vulnerabilities can be made easier, allowing you to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Remember, success in Pokémon battles is not just about understanding your opponent’s weaknesses, but also leveraging your Pokémon’s strengths.

So, explore different strategies, mix up your team, and most importantly, enjoy the journey of becoming a Pokémon Master.


What is the main Baxcalibur weakness?

The primary Baxcalibur weakness is its Ice typing, making it vulnerable to Fire, Fighting, Rock, and Steel moves.

How can I exploit Baxcalibur’s weakness?

There are several strategies to exploit Baxcal ibur’s weakness, including the use of a Choice Band, defensive screens, and Tailwind, pairing Baxcalibur with Murkrow, and using the move Tera Ground.

What is the best move to use against Baxcalibur?

Depending on your Pokémon’s moveset, Fire, Fighting, Rock, Steel, Fairy, Dragon, or Ice moves can be particularly effective against Baxcalibur due to its typing.

What is Baxcalibur’s most notable strength?

Baxcalibur’s most notable strength is its high base attack of 145 and its signature move, Glaive Rush, which boasts a power of 120 with 100% accuracy.

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