Author: Jeremy Williams

Jeremy has spent over a decade working in the tech sector. He has been involved in building mobile apps, web apps, and websites, as well as providing services in SEO and PPC advertising. Jeremy’s breadth of experience has put him in a position to help small businesses and large companies alike.

Gone are the days when the intranet was simply a place to put all ad-hoc communication and old documents that couldn’t be deleted – the new generation of intranet software offers multiple, exciting tools to increase productivity such as team collabs and employee engagement. The right one for your business can take you ahead of the competition and offer some serious benefits. The Technicalities Some of the most important technical features that a new- generation intranet can offer in terms of new, out-of-the-box solutions include: 1. User Experience This is best understood in terms of ease of use that intranet…

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