Mobile app development has been witnessing drastic transformation with the integration of breakthrough technologies. AR & VR, Blockchain technology, 5G technology, Artificial intelligence are some of these technologies that have completely revolutionized mobile app development. As our headline suggests, our sole focus will lie on artificial intelligence in mobile app development. Artificial intelligence has evolved as a very successful technology that has revolutionized almost all sectors. Education, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, and fashion are industries that have experienced beneficial impacts of artificial intelligence.

One such area that has been completely transformed by artificial intelligence is mobile app development. AI has greatly improved the user experience and engagement of mobile apps. Artificial intelligence helps make better decisions and get accurate information effortlessly. This smart technology helps mobile apps function more productively by reading/analyzing user behavior, the trends they will be more interested in, and much more. Artificial intelligence integration in mobile app development has been useful for businesses like ecommerce, apps for famous brands, and social media platforms. Let’s start by briefly looking at what artificial intelligence is and how it is helpful.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence, also referred to as AI, is an algorithm or a computer science technology that makes smart devices or machines capable of performing tasks that humans do. In other words, you can say that it empowers smart machines to mimic human activities and think like humans. AI embeds normal characteristics like the ability to reason and think, learn from past experiences, and much more into the machines. The integration of AI in mobile apps has been one of the most successful mobile app development trends. Let’s move forward and know more about how this technology in mobile app development paves the way for a smarter and secure future for users and businesses. 

1 Voice Assistants 

It’s rare for a smartphone user to be unaware of what voice assistant is and how it helps make searches faster. Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google assistant are some prominent voice assistants being heavily used nowadays. These voice assistants use artificial intelligence to recognize and answer voice commands. Voice assistants have eliminated the need to type long questions and describe the items needed from the internet. Instead, you can make a voice command to the assistant and get the results in no time. Voice assistants have become common in mobile apps nowadays, and thus more and more developers are using this AI-powered technology in their mobile app development to help users get their needs met faster. 

2 Voice and Face Recognition 

Today for paying bills, money transfers, and checking the account balance, most smartphone users need not go to the bank or visit the places physically for paying bills. 

Various banking apps are available on several platforms like Google Playstore and Apple store for carrying out these activities. You can pay bills and do other banking activities through these apps from any part of the world. Nowadays, almost every bank has its app for providing better and faster services to its customers. 

But these apps need to be secure as they store sensitive information of the users such as bank details, passwords, and much more. Thus mobile app developers are adding AI-powered voice and face recognition features into their apps to make it more secure and impenetrable. These features use Artificial intelligence to identify face or voice and ensure that only the authorized user has access to the app. These types of AI-powered features have made online banking more convenient and secure.

3 Personalized Suggestions

You might have noticed sometimes that you’re discussing a particular topic, and the very next day or after a few hours, you’ll find the suggestions for pages and people related to that topic in your Facebook app. This happens because many apps like Facebook use artificial intelligence to know your interests and show you the content you’re most likely interested in. Whenever these apps are running either on the main screen or in the background, the in-built AI captures all the information it needs from you to make the right suggestions. 

You can relate AI to the shopping and movie suggestions in many ecommerce apps like Amazon and entertainment apps like Netflix. Whenever you search for a certain item, such as a shoe in the Amazon app, you’ll see that your main app page will be filled with related suggestions showing shoes from various brands. This is because AI analyses your shopping habits or pattern and will deliver exactly what you might be looking to purchase. The same thing works for entertainment apps like Netflix; if you’re watching a certain movie of a particular genre, for example, romance, you’ll find hundreds of movie suggestions under the romance genre. This is how developers can integrate AI in mobile app development and make their app more convenient to use through personalization.

4 Fingerprint Recognition

Just like voice and face recognition, fingerprint recognition is also an AI technology that helps identify unauthorized users. Many mobile app developers integrate AI-powered fingerprint recognition features in their mobile apps to enhance security and prevent unauthorized login attempts. After downloading the app, you have to register your fingerprint, and once registered, every time you use the app, you’ll have to undergo fingerprint recognition. Once the fingerprint is recognized, only then you can access the app. This feature is very useful for banking apps and other such apps that contain sensitive information about the user that shouldn’t be disclosed to others.

Wrapping Up 

Artificial intelligence has been a promising technology for both software developers and users. Since it’s integration with mobile apps, the user experience, engagement, and productivity have improved tremendously. When it comes to mobile app security, AI integration offers impenetrable security through its features like voice and face recognition, fingerprint recognition, etc. These features of AI-powered mobile apps prevent any unauthorized access to the app. Artificial intelligence in mobile app development has paved the way to a smarter future and is still evolving with more yet to come from this integration. 

Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.